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Destination: Siya

Shaquel Al Balushi digs deep into the memory bank to revisit Siya- a place that holds a special place in his heart.

About two years ago, in the heart of route 17 in Quriyat, my cousin and I visited Siya for the first time. It was one of the first places we had ever been to on a road trip so we decided to relive our memories one more time. 

I picked up my co-navigator, Mr Thumbs Up, at 5am and processed our routine equipment check. As explorers, we always make sure that we have enough water, electric cables and emergency floodlights. We set off on our drive at around 5.15am and headed on our way to Siya.

The drive was a music-infused road trip, as it was still dawn. We listened to old folk tunes while watching the stars as they slowly dispersed. Then, we opened up the Jeep top hood and allowed the fresh breeze to kick in.

After a short, one-and-a-half-hour drive from the coast of Muscat, we reached our destination. I parked my car at the top of the hill that overlooked the modern cottage-like villas, and luckily I had a perfect angle to view the sunrise.

Siya is a majestic vision. It has the aroma of fresh stoned rocks and warm springs, and it’s a perfect place to freshen up and have a warm swim. The pathways around Siya are a hiker’s dream. We tramped around zigzagged concrete and dishevelled rocks, and climbed the hilltops. Through the passages, we attempted Parkour (a training exercise discipline using movement that developed from the military). We trekked our way around the hills and got a really refreshing workout into the bargain. 

As the years have passed by, the water wells have risen and have allowed us to capture the iridescent glow of water passing through the Siya Mountains.  My cousin Mr Thumbs Up was extremely weary but I motivated him to complete our mission.

Finally, as we left Siya, I was savouring the memories that I was sharing once more with my cousin.

In passing, I just want to mention that the Municipality works hard daily to retain Muscat’s cleanliness and beauty so I advise all explorers to take care of their belongings and garbage.

Siya is a beautiful place so let us ensure that it remains so. 

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It’s an easy drive from Muscat to Siya. From Amerat, take Route 17 and simply follow the signs until you reach the village of Siya.

GPS coordinates:
N23°11’48.3”; E58°40’57.1”