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17 Nov 2016
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Thinking of exploring the great outdoors? If so, then it’s time to break out the tech and explore. These adventure gadgets are sure to help enrich your experience and keep you safe, says Matthew Herbst.


This nifty gadget is especially for those who like to venture deep into the wild. However much you like adventure it is always good to know that you have a safety net back to civilisation. That’s when Spot Satellite comes into play. We all know that smartphones can’t always give you a connection when you need it. In case of an emergency, the Spot Satellite allows you to share your location, travel pattern and status with friends and family as needed. At, from RO52.



Over the years, Casio has earned its tough title with the infamous G-Shock. Building on that success, it’s now offering greater and smarter tech made for taking on the wilderness. Meet the latest Casio WSD-F10. It’s built to military specifications, which also means it is water-resistant to 50 metres and has a dual-layer display that switches between colour and monochrome to save battery. It also offers the best outdoor viewing as needed, depending on conditions. Its Smart sensors deliver waypoint navigation, altimeter measurements, atmospheric pressure, sunrise and sunset plus tides. Check it out and invest in one at from RO195.

Meet Earl


When your smartphone or iPad doesn’t cut it in the great outdoors, you need the Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet. This handy device packs a mighty punch for hikers and extreme wilderness lovers alike as it features a variety of maps, a GPS, compass, radio receiver and two-way communication capability. Not bad for an Android-powered device that also works well in all weather situations. This adventure tablet has a six-inch display and is also solar-powered, which means you will never get lost or lose communication with the real world. Pre-order at from RO96.2.

Editor’s Pick



Imagine this. You’re out on your wild adventure, you have just discovered the most incredible spot but you want to record your adventures for everyone to see. Most importantly you don’t want to lose the use of your hands by holding a video camera. Well, no need to panic. You can improve your experience with the latest action cam. The GoPro Hero Session is even better than its predecessors. Its tiny and much lighter. It’s also waterproof, and can handle anything you put it through. Go wild. At from RO72.

App of the Week



If you like sharing your adventures, then Yonder is just what you need. It allows users to easily share experiences whether they’re hiking, biking or camping with a huge network of other outdoor lovers. You can also browse through a database showing more than 200,000 destinations, as well as follow others and view their activity streams, or explore nearby locations through maps provided. It’s great for finding out about nearby locations as well as networking with other outdoor enthusiasts. Free at iTunes.

Game Review

Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End


Info Box


  • Action/Adventure


  • PlayStation 4


  • Naughty Dog


  • Mature 17+

For those of you who are fond of action/adventure-title games on consoles, the Unchartered series may just be in your list of Top 10 gaming titles of all time –  and why not? With its well-woven storylines, hair-raising adventure gameplay and admirable graphics, the Unchartered series has never disappointed its fans.

Now in its final instalment, Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End, aims not only to appease loyal fans of third-person action games but also create a perfect finale for protagonist, Nathan Drake. So, it is not just jumping from trains and dangling over a cliff this time; it is running across rooftops, climbing windows and a lot more besides as the buildings around him collapse.

Of course, developers Naughty Dog haven’t changed anything from the original recipe –  staying true to its initial trio of games –  with a flurry of cutscenes taking you around the gorgeous (almost cinematic) city, plenty of superlative action and adventure, as well as a fair bit of drama.

Also making an appearance for the first time is Nathan’s brother, Sam. In certain ways Sam is the crux of the game, as he forces Nathan to embark on an adventure to find the lost, ancient city of Libertalia –  a haven for pirates –  believed to be hidden somewhere in Madagascar.

A hint of this being the “one last job” is dropped early in the story and if you have played any of the prequels, you will find all action scenarios to be fairly familiar. But there’s still a sense of satisfaction when you knock out a villain mercenary using your handcrafted dagger. The enhanced graphics also make way for an almost sensuous experience. However, the release of the PlayStation VR (virtual reality gear) should make playing the game all the more entertaining. 

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