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27 Oct 2016
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Life can get a little crazy at times. Why not invest in a few wellness gadgets to help you along the way? Matthew Herbst checks some of them out.


Don’t let being stuck at your desk for long hours curb your enthusiasm for staying active. With the new Cubii, you can now get a workout at your desk. It is hard to imagine that this tiny elliptical machine can discreetly fit into the smallest of cubicles. You can also set the intensity, making it possible to keep active without actually breaking a sweat. At www.mycubii.com, from RO133.50.


Wellness gadgets

Meet Gyenno Cup, the water bottle you’ll never lose again. It is a washable bottle that encourages you to drink enough water every day. How it ensures this is that it vibrates and alerts you to drink. It also sports a screen that shows you the time, date, weather, current temperature of your water, and how much more you need to drink to meet your consumption goal. A wise investment towards wellness. At www.gyenno.com, from RO58.


Wellness gadgets

The Mira Vivid Wellness Collection is a beautiful piece of jewellery that also works as a wellness tracker. It comes in two different finishes: heart of gold or rosé, to match your style. Even though you can’t measure sleep with the Mira, the tracker does record your steps, distance, calories, and elevation gains. The extra advantage of this striking piece is that the new tracker is actually hidden, making sure no one but you knows it’s there. At www.omronhealthcare.com, from RO65.


Wellness gadgets

Looking to beat jet lag or even improve your sleep? Then Re-timer is just what you need. It is a wearable light therapy device that assists in adjusting your body clock. You simply wear it like a pair of glasses that shines a soft blue-green light into your eyes. It claims to suppress melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy. To change your sleep and wake cycles, just wear the device for 30 minutes a day for seven consecutive days. That should do the trick. At www.re-timer.com, from RO115.


Wellness gadgets

We are so used to seeing activity trackers that are mainly designed to be worn on your wrist. Not anymore. Meet ŌURA, a discreet and scratch-resistant zirconia ring that is also accompanied by a nifty box that doubles up as a charger. The ŌURA is entirely automatic and turns on when you slip it onto your finger. It senses when you’re asleep, awake or moving and tracks your temperature. The ŌURA constantly sends the information to a corresponding app that you can access in your own time rather than receiving millions of alerts. At ouraring.com, from RO107.

Editor’s Pick

Keep calm

Wellness gadgets

Clip this Spire, an unassuming pebble-shaped device, onto your clothing to help increase your relaxation as well as your focus. When it notices something is amiss, it sends a message to your phone via its app (unfortunately iOS only). It also monitors where and when you’re most stressed, such as a stressful activity like running late for a flight. At www.spire.io, from RO57.


Philip Stein’s sleep bracelet

Wellness gadgets

It looks just like a stylish and expensive watch but with a metal disc instead of a face. Despite that, Philip Stein’s sleep bracelet doesn’t actually tell the time. However, it induces sleep by harnessing natural frequencies to increase the hormone that controls your sleep and wake cycles. Another good feature is that it doesn’t require batteries or a charger. Check it out at philipstein.com, from RO144.

App of the Week

Yoga Wake Up

Wellness gadgets

What better way to start the day than with a quick yoga session? Yoga Wake Up delivers a flowing 10-minute sequence at your desired wake-up time. All the sequences are a little different, making some focus more on meditation while others focus on holding poses. After all this, feel free to relax and drink tea before your heavy day sets in. Free from itunes.com

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