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20 Oct 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Halloween is all about fun, sweets, costumes and scary themes — including turning your home into a place of horror. Matthew Herbst checks out which gadgets are scary, creepy or just plain weird.


Just for the record, this isn’t an actual skull, it’s a 4 port USB hub and sweets holder designed to look like a skull. However, your co-workers don’t know that and you could tell them it’s the last guy who took your sandwich from the communal fridge. That’ll frighten them. At www.amazon.co.uk, from RO20.


If your sculpture skills aren’t up to scratch and the kids are embarrassed about a poorly-carved, poorly-lit pumpkin bursting into flames on the front terrace, why not save yourself and get the Fogging Jack O’ Lantern and keep it safe this Halloween? The eyes, nose and mouth light up and it will produce fog from a tank of water for hours. At www.hammacherschlemmer.com, from RO192.


Spooky Tech

Invest in the Whirl A Motion Witches and Cats projection light Lightshow, and stun neighbours and fellow trick or treaters. Project the witches in motion on the front of your home to bring your Halloween themed home to life. It’s easy to set up, and just stakes into the ground. At www.amazon.com, from RO11.50.


Spooky Tech

If money is no object and you really want to pull out all the stops this year, then consider using this vortex tunnel as your entrance. The vortex rotates around a walking platform and includes trippy blacklights and illuminated artwork. And if you really want to brag then get the version that sports a 3D-printed fabric, which is viewed with glasses. At www.hauntedprops.com, from RO3,000.


Spooky Tech

Showers can be invigorating but after experiencing a shower with the electronic serial killer curtain, you’ll never feel more awake. After hearing the Psycho theme music play as well as the screaming, you’ll feel lucky to get out alive. The audio clips are activated by both sound and motion and anyone in there will want to get out as fast as possible. At www.amazon.co.uk, from RO8.50.

Editor’s Pick:


Spooky Tech

If you think your home is haunted by a Japanese-speaking poltergeist, you’ll need to pick up one of these ghost-detecting cell phone straps. It has the ability to detect ghosts in your area at the push of a button and when a ghost is detected, the light on the strap turns red — indicating danger. One problem, unless you speak Japanese you would probably need to invest in a translation device as well. At www.strapya-world.com, from RO9.


Sengled Pulse Solo

Spooky Tech

All the visuals around your villa won’t be as effective unless you add some sound to frighten friends and family. Adding Halloween-themed soundtracks is easy just by screwing in a light bulb, with the Sengled Pulse Solo. This dimmable LED light bulb has built-in Bluetooth speakers for easy music and sound effects, and screws into regular light bulb sockets to draw power. You can find the Sengled Pulse Solo in shopping malls around Muscat or at Amazon.com, from RO20.

App Of The Week:


Spooky Tech

Halloween! is a great all-in-one app, with a library of Halloween ringtones, wallpapers, costume ideas and trivia at your fingertips. It is also packed with a built-in countdown as well as a torch, perfect for trick or treating! www.itunes.com for free

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