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13 Oct 2016
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Smartphones are more than just about social media. You can control so much more in and around your life at the touch of a button, says Matthew Herbst.


Be the envy of all car owners with Viper SmartStart. Its smart device lets you perform regular tasks your remote key can do. Now you can lock the door, honk the car and release the boot; all with your smartphone. That’s not all, either. With Viper SmartStart you can even check your vehicle status to ensure it’s safe and secure. Nice! At, from RO57.


Smart Gadgets

Keep track of your child’s whereabouts, your pet and even your car, and use these smart beacons, called Tōd. It will also send you notifications via email or text when the kids make an unscheduled departure or if they wander off too far from you. At, from RO12.


Smart Gadgets

If you lose your keys on a regular basis then you may want to invest in the Lockitron. Not only does Lockitron let you unlock the door with just a touch on the smartphone but it also notifies you when someone is knocking at the door. You can even customise it to set your door to unlock whenever you get near the door – making this the ideal investment for late nights with less fumbling through bags for keys. At, from RO69.


Smart Gadgets

All parents invest in baby monitors so why not turn your smartphone into one? The minute you install the Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones and Tablets it will start sending live streaming audio and video through a secure and encrypted connection. Safely monitoring your baby has never been so easy. At, from RO25.


Smart Gadgets

Every fisherman’s dream. Have you ever imagined being able to know where to go for that perfect catch? Deeper has made the impossible possible. The magic is all made possible with the use of Friday Lab’s sonar that can detect the movement of fish within a 50m radius, and reflects the big catch on your smartphone’s screen. Get your next big catch at, from RO57.37.

Editor’s Pick


Smart Gadgets

Kids love to play with Mum or Dad’s smartphone so instead of deleting your apps or causing trouble, invest in the Wise-Pet to keep those little fingers busy. Here the Wise-Pet doubles as a tech pet, promising five different pets with five different personalities. The app is also built-in with valuable educational features, which broadcast fun lessons and a recording feature that saves up your voiced bedtime stories to let the Wise-Pet read the story for you. At, from RO24.


Pico Genie A100

Smart Gadgets

Heavy projectors are very much a thing of the past and still quite expensive if you blow a bulb. With that in mind, just opt for the Pico Genie A100, a speaker-enabled projector as small as the iPhone! It sports a 150cm viewing area with sound-boosting effect, not to mention that you could easily carry the Pico Genie 100 around between presentations without the weight or set-up stress. At, from RO195.

App of the Week


Smart Gadgets

Feel out of sorts? Let your smartphone help you out. Moodnotes is a digital diary for tracking your moods, from low to high and prompts you to explain your feelings to help spot triggers for those low moments. It also provides tips on how to avoid the “thinking traps” that may cause them. Check it out at, from RO1.5.

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