Motorists To Face New Speed Cameras On Oman’s Roads

27 Oct 2016
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Speedsters beware: the Royal Oman Police (ROP) may soon be implementing a zero tolerance approach to speeding with the use of point-to-point cameras, which can track the average speed of a vehicle over a stretch of road.

Also known as “Average Speed Cameras”, they will be able to accurately measure the time taken for a vehicle to travel from one radar to the next, and will be programmed to capture a picture of the vehicle if it reaches the second radar at a time faster than it should.

In an interview with local media, Captain Muthir al Mazroui, from the Directorate General of Traffic, was quoted as saying: “As a technology, it is available already and could be used. Our system could implement these radars. It is only a matter of making a decision and beginning the process.

“This is one of the plans that we want to implement, by God’s will, but I can’t say when,” said al Mazroui, further asserting the ROP’s intentions to instal the new system.

“It is a very subtle and excellent system. It could, at least, regulate the speed between two radars. As you can see, a lot of people drive at high speeds and rapidly reduce their speeds when they are approaching a radar, and speed up after passing it,” said al Mazroui said.

A source who does not wish to be named confirmed to Y Magazine that a company in Oman had received an order for 700 point-to-point cameras for installation around the Sultanate. However, it is not known when the point-to-point cameras will be installed.

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