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Dovecote Nursery in Muscat, a top childcare facility offering a premium, British Early Years Foundation School (EYFS) curriculum, values the benefits of healthy eating for little ones in Oman.

It’s been a challenge like no other – the #DovecoteLunchboxChallenge that aimed to motivate youngsters in the Sultanate to eat healthy food.

And what we have discovered is that there’s a lot of parents in Oman who are passionate about teaching their children the importance of healthy eating, while the younger they are, the better it is to build strong foundations.

Now we can reveal the winners of this fantastic competition, which was brought to you by Dovecote Nursery Muscat, a top childcare facility that offers a premium British Early Years Foundation School (EYFS) curriculum.

Based in Shatti al Qurum, Dovecote Nursery values the benefits of healthy eating for children, which is why it launched the #DovecoteLunchboxChallenge to help motivate the country’s youngsters into eating a balanced, healthy diet.

But on to the winners! Congratulations to our first prize winner, Zack Damien Noronha! Your very happy, cute picture as you enjoy your favourite fruit won the judges’ hearts over.

Zack Damien has won an exciting two-week taster at Dovecote Nursery, as well as a lunchbox and a toy. We are sure you will make lots of new friends during your time at Dovecote Nursery.

Congratulations also to our first runner-up, Gia Isabel, who was snapped by her mum, Marianna, enjoying a fruit salad in the great outdoors.

Finally, we’d also like to congratulate our second runner-up, Saharsh Nigam Bartarya, who is the picture of happiness with his fruit snack.

Gia and Saharsh have each won a one-week taster at Dovecote Nursery, as well as a lunchbox and a toy.

“Congratulations to the winners of the #DovecoteLunchbox Challenge! It has been fantastic to receive such creative, fun and thoughtful responses,” says Ahmed AlKhonji, Chair of the Governing Board, Dovecote Nursury Muscat. “Thank you to all the children and their parents for participating and for inspiring others to eat healthily.”

Helen Cairns, the manager of Dovecote Nursery in Muscat, said it was a great experience to see how many children and families embraced healthy eating as part of the challenge.

“Judging the competition with my colleagues was so much fun and so hard. We just adored the pictures of children enjoying their lovely, nutritious snacks,” she says.

“The creativity of some of the entries was amazing. Not only had people taken the time to prepare snacks that looked delicious but some had also even found outdoor backgrounds of Muscat’s beautiful scenery.

“We were also pleased to see children enjoying snacks with their brothers or sisters. Eating together with friends and teachers is a big part of the day here at Dovecote.

“We’re also looking into collaborating with local companies to provide us with healthy lunches, which will make preparations for nursery a little bit easier for parents and allow children and staff to enjoy a nutritious, balanced meal together.”

Thank you to all the children (and parents) who entered the #DovecoteLunchboxChallenge!

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