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Show them who’s boss

Beauty has evolved over recent years from the fresh out-of-bed look to one of super-sophisticated catwalk class. There are now many options with which to define yourself and make a statement. With summer over, here’s how to pack a beauty punch in the boardroom this autumn.

Fatin al Zadjali checks out the latest looks for the boardroom.

This commanding lipstick, worn by actress Taraji P. Henson in the US television series Empire, is perfect for showcasing female empowerment. MAC Cosmetics’ lipstick in Russian Roulette will make a statement no one can miss.

Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara coats every tiny lash for a full-flutter effect. It’s a great attention-seeker and shows you mean business

Monochromatic make-up has become a hit with today’s models, and the matchy-matchy trend fuses fluidity with force. Charlotte Tilburry offers an impressive line of beach sticks that are perfect for the eyes, cheek and lips.

A lavender aroma spray water, from Lush can perk you up in the morning, afternoon or evening. It’s a subtle scent that is both alluring and assertive.

Nail it with fingertips that shout firm but flexible. Having a manicure is relaxing but time-consuming for the multi-tasking lady boss. A quick solution can be L’Oreal press-on nails, which are easy to apply and kind on the purse-strings.

*All products listed can be found at most retail outlets in Muscat, Oman.