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01 Sep 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Movies reviewed this week: Mr. Fuzzy Pants, Don’t Breathe, Mechanic: Resurrection and Bollywatch: The Flying Jatt.

Mr. Fuzzy Pants

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is a billionaire businessman with a knack of making a fast buck. And with an eponymous company, FireBrand, that’s about to finish the tallest skyscraper in the northern hemisphere, he himself is on top of the world.

But with a workaholic lifestyle, something’s got to give. A fervent family man, Tom is not, and his

long-suffering wife Lara (Jennifer Garner) and angelic daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman) find quality time together is one commodity that Tom doesn’t understand.

When Rebecca wants a cat for her birthday, Tom faces a rare quandary. He hates cats but is running out of time to find her a suitable gift and has the sinking “feline” he is going to have to buy her one after all.

When his GPS directs him to a magical pet shop he finds himself confounded with some of the most exotic cats he has ever seen. And then he ends up turning into one, Mr Fuzzypants.

Suffice to say, family matters from the perspective on four paws is a different (knitting) ball-game altogether. To regain his old body, Tom has to learn a few lessons on how to bond with his loved ones.

It’s rather refreshing to see Spacey in the guise of a cuddly cat rather than the more venal, menacing roles that have made his name. The question is: why, Kevin?

No matter. While the kids can sit back and enjoy (maybe), mums and dads may find it a tad hard-going. Some of the more lavatorial jokes can wear a bit thin, and maybe should have stayed in the litter tray. Still, cat lovers will love it and any feel-good film that boasts Christopher Walken in a cameo is worth checking out.

Review by Fatin Al Zadjali

Don’t Breathe

Don't Breathe

Rocky (Jane Levy) wants a better life for her and her sister. To give their lives a healthy injection of cash, she agrees to break into the house of a wealthy blind man with her boyfriend, Money (Daniel Zovatto), and her friend, Alex (Dylan Minnette). However, if the three think they’re going to get away with it, they’re in for one heck of a surprise. Their intended victim is not what he seems, and soon they find themselves fighting for their lives. A must-watch for horror fans.    

Mechanic: Resurrection


Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) thinks he has hung up his boots (and guns) as a killer-for-hire, and settles down to a restful retirement in Brazil. When his longtime enemy Riah Crane (Sam Hazeldine) finds out Bishop isn’t really dead, he threatens to expose him. For good measure, he also kidnaps the love of his life Gina (Jessica Alba) and Bishop gets an ultimatum: Carry out three near-impossible hits for Crane or lose Gina forever.


The Flying Jatt


With US-based superhero films being a sure-fire way to fill cinema seats, it wasn’t going to be long before Bollywood put its own take on the genre. Jatt (Tiger Shroff) is a martial arts teacher who is unlucky in love. But when he discovers he is actually a superhero, albeit one who can only act when a small child is in trouble, his life starts to look up. And despite his newfound superhuman talents, Jatt is actually afraid of heights. With plenty of obvious slapstick; the comedic stunts are well-intentioned but lack a little panache with the staging. Still, the film is no less charming for all that, and the kids will love it.

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