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29 Sep 2016
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Our fave devices should now have something of a green pedigree, as well as looking good or sounding great. Alvin Thomas tests some of them out.


Electronic portable stereos are so yesterday. This iBamboo Speaker not only amplifies music but also looks the part. The device is compatible with all Apple smartphones starting from the iPhone4 to the audio-port devoid iPhone7, making it the only device in the market to do so. Buy your speaker from for RO12.7.

Type It

Green Gadgets

Imagine this: you could walk right into your favourite coffee outlet, buy an espresso, and crack on with your big business presentation on your tablet. The only thing missing, however, would be this iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard. Why type onto a screen when you can do it for real, right? What makes this keyboard special is the fact that this is the first eco-friendly keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity. Crafted in 92 per cent bamboo, it is recyclable, renewable, portable, and comes with rechargeable batteries. At RO38.1, it is a tad expensive but it sure stands out from all the plastic contraptions on the market today. Buy yours at

Sunny side up

Green Gadgets

Say goodbye to messy wires and wall plugs. SUNNY is a groundbreaking, solar-powered iPhone case that lets you run your phone completely independent of any power outlets. What’s more, the case actually looks rugged and simple, and only functions when you open the cover and expose it to the sun. However, it also hides underneath an extra pair of batteries (2000mAh) should you need them. Yours from, from RO32.7.

Smart guide

We’re not sure why Vexio’s Econav 380 hasn’t been made standard in most vehicles yet. This GPS device uses its real time visual and audio indicators to help you maximise the efficiency of your vehicle. It is compatible with more than 14,000 models of car and claims to help you cover 20 per cent of your fuel costs and carbon emissions. The screen may be only 8cm wide but it also provides you live updates on your vehicle’s location, road speed limit, speed-camera locations and a host of other features too. Buy from, from RO20..

Ready, Steady, Click

Green Gadgets

IKEA, in its aim to conceptualise environmentally friendly designs, has unveiled the first cardboard body digital camera. The Swedish furniture giant plans to sell or even give them away for free in its stores around the globe. The cardboard IKEA digicam can store up to 40 images and has a USB port for transferring snaps to your computer. The device is designed to run on two AA batteries.

Editor’s Pick

IKEA smart home series

Green Gadgets

If you’re into the new wireless charging hoopla and can’t stay away from IKEA’s furniture, this is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in new equipment for your home. IKEA’s new Home Smart series of home furniture comes with built-in induction-charging capabilities. Created in unison with the Wireless Power Consortium, the furniture comes with Qi wireless chargers you can use to replenish the battery on any of your compatible smartphones, or even laptops.



Green Gadgets

Amazon’s new Kindle is just too hard to hate. While it takes away all the fun in holding a real book or magazine, it gives your fingertips more control over what you read, and how you read it. Sitting at the bottom of the Kindle lineup, this device is solely intended to please casual readers but it still is mighty good. This new version is 11 per cent thinner and 16 per cent lighter than the previous model. It comes in black, and white, and includes Bluetooth audio so you can listen to an audio version of the on-screen text through headphones or a speaker. The internal storage is now 4GB, meaning you can store thousands of e-books, and it boasts a battery life of four weeks. Yours for RO29.9 from

App of the Week:

Green Companion

Green Gadgets

If you’re finding it hard to buy the aforementioned Econav, then you’ll love this. Green Gas Saver tracks your driving habits and warns you through gauges and sounds if you accelerate too quickly or take a turn too harshly. The app also records your driving habits after each trip so that you can improve over time. Download it from iTunes for free.

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