6 Makeup Products You Can Share With Your Man

01 Sep 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Women are fast discovering the benefits of using male products, writes Fatin al Zadjali.

Shopping for beauty products is one of my favourite pastimes. As women, we have so many options to choose from that sometimes we can get confused about what to select. However, I have just discovered some great products for men. Many are lightweight, cool and durable and can often be cheaper than what you will find with their female counterparts.

What's his is hers

  • As women, it’s great to have facial wipes as they’re extremely handy as a refresher. Cetaphil has a great range of men’s daily cloths. They moisturise with a spring scent that is perfect for our skin.

Cetaphil Daily Face Cloths, RO1.2

What's his is hers

  • Primers are essential before you start your make-up routine and can keep your skin base intact and soft. Beauty YouTubers have raved about Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. It has a cooling agent that calms the skin down, as well as priming it up for the day.

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, RO2.5

What's his is hers

  • Clinique has a great range of products for women but the men’s range has a secret weapon. It’s an oil-control mattifying moisturiser. During the heat our skin becomes silky so with a few dabs of this clear gel it can work wonders.

Clinique for Men – Oil control mattifying moisturiser. RO9.5

What's his is hers

  • Most women can go through a variety of hair removal options. As for shavers, there are ones that are gel-based or fragranced and so on. Medically, shavers designed for men are better for our skin. They tend to have more blades and sharper edges that benefit many areas. There are many options to choose from.

Gillette for Men RO1.5

What's his is hers

  • After shaving, we often have to use oils or soft creams to tone down the dryness. An alternative is using a cooling after-shave mist. Mists are great because they cool the body down as well.

The Cool Fix, RO9.5 

What's his is hers

  • Try a citrus scent, as there are not that many of these fresh, zest-inducing products available for women. Try spraying Calvin Klein One Summer, and it could become your “go-to” eau de toilette.


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