Top 10 beauty tools to beat the summer heat

11 Aug 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

It’s summertime in Muscat and even though the sun pretty much shines all year round, at this time of year its rays are extra strong. Here, Fatin al Zadjali offers some tips on beauty tools to help beat the heat and maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Waterproof foundation is essential for the summer. The benefit is that it’s light on the skin and provides a radiant glow. Moreover, it won’t leave a heavy residue and will last up to 24 hours. So no touchups are needed.

Mac Cosmetics RO19.75

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Oil absorbing sheets can be a foolproof way to get rid of excess oil and perspiration. It’s an easy way to keep your makeup intact, and the sheets are refreshing on the skin and can be popped into your handbag. Top tip: our hair is more exposed to the sun and creates its own natural oils so dab a paper along the hairline to keep it refreshed.

Clean & Clear sheets RO2.5

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Our lips are the most vulnerable part of our body. The sunrays cause dryness to our lips, and this won’t look good. So the best way to beat the burn is by adding a little dab of a cooling lip tint and you can find the best shade to suit your skin tone. 

Neutrogena Lip Soother Cooling Hydragel RO2.7

Top 10 beauty tools

  • This is one of my favourite products. Firstly, the formula has the scent of rose water. Rose water is known to be kept in households in Muscat after guests finish their meals and freshen up. It is applied on the cheeks for a pop of colour and can also be added on the lips.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint RO6

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Let’s add a little sparkle to our eyes. Keep a handy eye-shadow pencil. It’s easy, fresh and doesn’t require any special techniques. During the summer, your face should be a fresh canvas as heavy makeup will unfortunately peel off. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow RO2

Top 10 beauty tools

  • This one is perfect for both men and women. After a cold shower, spray this sea-salt infused hair spray on your hair to keep it hydrated. It will also give a luscious look to your hair. 

Bumble and South Surf Spray RO10.5

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Deodorant is already a part of our daily routine. But during the summer we should avoid any musky scents. Keep cool, and buy scents like cucumber, which has a cooling agent, and spring water. You can also keep them handy and they work better than roll-on deodorants.

Dove Deodorant RO0.9

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Our face is the main focal point. Vichy has a mattifying sunscreen that keeps the skin dry and protected from unwanted UV rays. It’s a product I highly recommend for men and women.

Vichy Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch SPF 50 RO10.5

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Lush Eau Roma Water formula has rose and lavender accents that give a refreshing touch to the skin after a shower, swim or gym session.

Top tip: Use this product before you sleep as the lavender has a very nifty snooze tool to put you to sleep.

Lush Eau Roma Water RO9.5

Top 10 beauty tools

  • Drink water! We tend to forget the benefits of water and, as humans, we are composed of 65% of water. So to beat the heat, keep hydrated and replenished. In addition, add slices of lemon or cucumber to your water bottle for extra hydrating benefits.

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