New-age Boomboxes

25 Aug 2016
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If retro rocks for you, then bring back the sounds of yesteryear with these ultra-modern gadgets. Matthew Herbst sounds them out.


This Sony ZSBTG900 Boombox is lightweight but very powerful. It features stereo component speakers with a power drive woofer as well as a six-function equaliser to enhance your listening experience just the way you like it. Dig out your sound from way back when because it also plays CDs. For those who are ahead with the times, don’t worry: your MP3s and WMA files are still the in thing.

At, from RO135.


New-age Boomboxes

If you’re a fan of the 1980s and its music has you feeling somewhat nostalgic, then add some extra volume to your life with the Monster Blaster. Get the party started around the pool and family barbecues, and let this portable, rechargeable, Bluetooth/NFC speaker set the stage for fun. It’s built especially for outdoor use with its power bass and integrated sub-woofer. However, it also features an indoor EQ mode for when the party moves inside. You won’t be disappointed. 

At www.monsterproducts.comfrom RO153.50.


New-age Boomboxes

If your job involves power tools then you’ll appreciate the DeWalt DCR0015 Worksite’s cool design. It is a dual function bit of kit that plays just as hard as it looks, with its durable and rugged exterior. It plays AM/FM radio and MP3s and runs off AC power as well as batteries.

At, from RO45.80.


New-age Boomboxes

Many of us have our music stored on our phones. Why not amplify your beats from your mobile by combining the iHome Bluetooth Portable stereo boombox technology with its retro style? It features a smartphone dock, and comes with a magnetised remote control that you can perch just about anywhere.

At, from RO115.50.


New-age Boomboxes

Meet the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500. This power-packed and versatile system can play CDs, DVDs, MP3s, AM/FM stereo radio and, believe it or not, also serves as a karaoke machine. Just hide it from the kids at the weekend if you want some peace.

At, from RO191.50.

Editor’s Pick:


New-age Boomboxes

The House of Marley EM-JA006MI comes with a solid bamboo baffle-covered rear housing, and its design features a custom-tuned bass reflex enclosure. A bass reflex system is a type of loudspeaker enclosure that uses the sound from the rear side instead of the front. Plug and play your MP3s with style and enjoy its eight-hour battery life.

At, from RO57.80.

App of the week:

Retro Boombox

New-age Boomboxes

Retro Boombox is a multi-purpose music player app exclusively for iPad. It shows real graphics with movable dials and switches and is likely to make you feel nostalgic and take you back decades. It features AM/FM radio, voice recorder, iTunes library and is visually able to change backgrounds.

At, from around 500 baizas.


NAXA Electronics NPB-262

New-age Boomboxes

The NAXA Electronics NPB-262 is a music fanatic’s and musician’s dream boombox. It allows you not only to stream music but it can also be an amplifier for your range of electric instruments. It has five EQ settings that allow you to customise the music you play or create.

At, from RO35.50.

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