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04 Aug 2016
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These days, drivers want their car gadgets to look as flashy as their motors.  Alvin Thomas takes a look at the best way to to transform even the most modest of vehicles.

Heads Up

Needing to check your phone or navigation screen while driving could mean taking your eyes off the road. However, it only takes a few seconds for disaster to strike. Garmin’s HUD+ eliminates this risk by providing you with the perfect solution. To aid attentive driving, this smart device provides the driver with information such as navigation, turn-by-turn indicators, current speed and speed limits; on the windscreen of the car. Available at from RO82.2.

Dash Cam

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On-board cameras have sort of become a must-have for drivers in Oman, and the PapaGoGS330 ticks all the right boxes. The PapaGo contains a 5-megapixel camera that can record at 1080p HD resolutions and at a wide-142 degree field of view. Footage can be saved in Micro SD cards, and viewed through the 5cm LCD screen. The device also sports a bunch of driver alert features that will make life easier. Available at, from RO52.

Power Up

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No! The PowerCup is not a coffee mug. However, this brilliant-looking gadget is designed to power all of your electronics, on the go. The PowerCup provides 200 Watts of continuous charge and 400 Watts of peak power via its two 120 Volt AC outlets and 500 mA of power to its USB charging port, all from its 12 Volt source from your car. Just to put things into perspective, the PowerCup can charge everything from your smartphones, iPads and even laptops. From RO10.8 at

Find Me

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If you’re anything like me, then chances are that you’ll forget where you parked your car too. However, with the YAB, your days searching for your car in the mall are over. All you need to do is simply plug in the YAB to a USB port or a car charger and pair it with the YAB app. The device will sync your location to the app. It is also programmed to remind you when your parking meter is about to go off. Available at from RO11.2.


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The Brainiac is essentially the Godfather of all the car-analysis systems out there today. The gadget neatly fits into the centre console of your car, in place of your traditional audio system. The Brainiac is built with Android, and makes use of sensors and OCDII diagnostics of your vehicle to help you track your vehicle’s metrics, such as its performance and fuel efficiency and various other parameters. The entire head-unit is packaged in a standard 18cm universal touchscreen display unit complete with a built-in audio player. Available at from RO538.8.

App of the Week

Eye On Road

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iOnRoad is an intuitive application that gives drivers information such as Advanced Collision Warning System, Off-Road alert (lane departure warning), Headway distance monitoring (distance between cars), Speeding Alert, Car locator as well as SMS and Notification Narrator, as seen in luxury vehicles. The app is available for download from both and for RO0.381.

Editor’s Pick

Car Play

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iPhone users, rejoice! Car audio experts Pioneer have come up with the Nex CarPlay receiver – a device that will instantaneously connect your Apple iPhone via the CarPlay connection to give you access to your phone’s applications, phonebook, Apple Maps, audio player and most importantly, Siri on the 18cm colour screen. The Nex should be compatible with most cars and requires only a Lightning plug to tether. This should come in handy for drivers who did not receive out-of-the-box CarPlay support in their cars. Available at from RO200.



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This Handpresso Auto machine is all every coffee lover needs. This on-the-go coffee maker plugs into the 12 Volt socket in your car and brews coffee while you’re driving. It is even compatible with Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods for that added flavour. Additionally, the machine also comes with a Ground Coffee Adapter and a ground coffee case if you’re in the mood for some freshly-ground coffee. Grab your espresso machine from at RO57.

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