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25 Aug 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

More Indians are calling Oman “home”, with new statistics revealing that the number of expats in the Sultanate has risen sharply since last year.  According to recent statistics, more than 795,082 Indians reside in Oman, a 12 per cent increase in the number of non-resident Indians (NRI) from January 2015.

However, Saudi Arabia hosts the biggest number of expats from India, with nearly 2.96 million NRIs residing there, marking a 5.7 per cent rise from the previous year.

The UAE follows with more than 2.6m NRIs, a 30 per cent jump from previous years.  Meanwhile, 880,567 NRIs reside in Kuwait. 

Oman comes in fourth on the list and is followed by Qatar with 630,000 NRIs. With only 295,504 NRIs, Bahrain is home to the least number of Indians compared with other GCC countries.

Bahrain is also the only GCC country where the NRI population has fallen by more than 15 per cent, from 350,000 in January 2015.

Official figures state that more than 8.1m NRIs currently reside in the GCC, a rise of more than 13 per cent from previous years.

The GCC figure represents 72 per cent of the total 11.42m NRI diaspora living around the world.


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