Destination: Yiti Village

18 Aug 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

An early morning trip to the peaceful beachside neighbourhood of Yiti, takes Shaquel al Balushi on a calming and relaxing journey.

Yiti Village is well known for its beautiful beaches but I have to say that I love it because of the warm welcome you receive from its residents. Even the cheeky herds of goats crowd around you as though they are curious as to who you are and why you are there.

Yiti Village

It was a very early start for me when I recently visited Yiti Village. I arrived just after 5am and shortly after, the sun began to rise, casting a beautiful yellow then orange glow onto the landscape around me – from the mountains to the beach to a lush green grove of trees that I stumbled upon.

But just before sunrise, it was calm and peaceful in the village. It’s an amazing time of the day to visit.

Yiti Village

This is a traditional Omani village, with humble homes. There were a few people about but many were still indoors, possible preparing for the day and work.

Right in the middle of the village is a beautiful, calm bay where fishermen keep their boats. The water was like a mirror, reflecting the golden hue of the sky as the sun was rising. Nobody was at the beach here but I imagine it would get busier later in the day, depending on the tides and fishing schedules. At the weekend, it would be much more crowded, with daytrippers escaping Muscat, which is a 40-minute drive away.

As I headed to the other side of the village, I took a wrong turn and found a small pathway that was just big enough for one car to drive through. This took me to the foothills of a mountain, and my car couldn’t go any farther. It was a little barren but there were twisted trees dotting the landscape.

Yiti Village

When I realised that it was the wrong way, I turned back and headed in the direction that I was supposed to go. Here, I discovered some amazing rock formations that clearly looked like they had been underwater centuries ago.

I was very happy to be here so early – the sounds are different at this time of the day. There are no sounds made by humans while the birdsong is loud and clear and even the lapping of the waves on the shore of the beach has a wonderful, calming effect. You just want to stay there and stare at the rugged beauty surrounding you.

On this trip, I went alone as my friend Imran, who usually explores Oman with me, couldn’t make it. But even though I was alone, it was still good for me as I was able to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings and focus on taking some great pictures.

Yiti Village

My favourite photos in this Destination are the lush grove of trees and a group of large rocks towering over one end of the beach. The colours of the rocks were amazing; splashed with touches of orange from the rising sun. I spotted an eagle resting at the top of one of the rocks and managed to capture it in my photo.

Yiti Village

But at the very end of the beach, I was disappointed to see some people had left their rubbish from the night before, as well as a smoking fire. There was a Municipality worker there, who was cleaning up. It would be very good to see people actually cleaning up after themselves and respecting our country’s environment after they’ve had an enjoyable outing.

It was a great morning and I even had time to have a swim. The water was clear and refreshing, which was a great start to the day.

The best time to head to Yiti is early morning. Take a picnic and some friends and family with you. But don’t forget to clear up your rubbish when you are done!

Yiti Village

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