Back to School Gadgets

18 Aug 2016
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As the new term looms, give your kids a treat to brush away those back-to-school blues with these nifty gadgets. Matthew Herbst tries them out.

Just print

Cluttered desk space in your room can also be a challenge when you need to print. The Expression Home XP-430 is exactly what you are looking for, with its highly compact design. With a width of 40cm, depth of 52cm and height of 28cm, not to mention its wireless printing capability, it’s a perfect back-to-school companion. At, from RO19.50.

Plug and play

Back to School Gadgets

Go back to school even more geared up with the new IOGEAR MediaShair Hub. Here, you can now take your movies, music, photos and documents on the go and share them with all your wireless devices. Just plug your SD card, USB flash drive or your portable USB hard drive into the media hub, and the built-in Wi-Fi connection shares the content with up to seven Android, iOS or laptop devices within range. It has a built-in battery for up to nine hours of use between charges. At, from RO19.50.


Back to School Gadgets

Every student needs a keyboard and mouse to take on the heavy workload from teachers, and to match all your technology, a wireless option could be just the thing. This new keyboard and mouse combo from IOGEAR features not only wireless connections at up to 83cm but also keyboard technology for less-noisy typing. At, from RO15.50.

Wakey wakey

Back to School Gadgets

Getting out of bed for school isn’t fun and parents can find it tough to get their Einsteins out from under the covers at the best of times. Meet Clocky, an alarm clock that runs away and hides in order to get you out of bed. It gives you one chance to get up. If you choose to snooze, Clocky will jump off your nightstand and wheel around your room to look for a place to hide, continuously beeping as it’s determined to get you up on time. You’ll have to get out of bed, find it and silence its alarm. At, from RO19.50.

In Space

Back to School Gadgets

Laptops, tablets, phones, books. You’ve got limited space and a cluttered desk. It’s time to invest in The Space Bar, which is a sleek desk accessory that minimises clutter with additional USB ports for your tech. It’s got six ports: Four USB 3.0 ports for high-speed syncing and two high-power USB charging ports to juice up your gadgets in a flash. Choose from a range of sleek colours to look cool. At, from RO19.50.

Editor’s Pick:

Easy Writer

Back to School Gadgets

It’s tough listening to all those lectures and keeping track of notes, not to mention the amount of notes you have to type up. Not anymore with the Livescribe 3 smartpen. The infrared camera in the tip of the Livescribe 3 smartpen captures your handwriting, storing it all on the built-in memory. When it’s paired with your tablet or smartphone, all your notes are synced to the Livescribe+ mobile app. Livescribe 3 smartpen uses Bluetooth Smart technology to pair with compatible mobile devices to support more than 14 hours of continuous use between charges. At from RO53.50.


Digital Password Storage Vault

Back to School Gadgets

To match your gadgets, your school websites, homework bookmarks and research accounts it’s easy to see how you can forget all your passwords. Not anymore with The Digital Password Storage Vault, which allows you to store and protect up to 3000 passwords. This includes case-sensitive user names, passwords, web addresses, security questions and answers. A master password prevents unauthorised access. It has a pop-open, full QWERTY keyboard, and internal flash memory that prevents data loss when changing batteries. Save yourself a headache and invest in one. At from RO8.85.

App of the Week: Dictionary & Thesaurus

Back to School Gadgets

Everyone needs a dictionary, whether at work or at school. Why not give a go when you are looking for what to research or write? You can find just about anything that you are looking for with this app. You can also translate up to 30 languages and more. Free at

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