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11 Aug 2016
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With Olympic fever spreading all across town, there’s a high demand for sports-related gadgets for geeks who just want to have fun. Alvin Thomas checks them out.


The Nike+ FuelBand stands out among the crowd of your usual sports-watches due to its sleek styling and fitness features. The watch has an accelerometer-based movement sensor that tracks all your exercise, translating it into “NikeFuel”, filling up a daily target counter and changing an LED meter from red to green as you proceed. You can also measure steps, time and calories burned and can be hooked up to your smartphone for additional features. Available at, from RO77.


Sports Gadgets

While the CamelBak bottle may look like your average water bottle, it does possess some unique military-grade features, which may come in handy if you’re trekking or taking long walks. Fill the bottle up with polluted water and simply switch on the Ultra Violet light to neutralise the bacteria or viruses present in the water. It has hi-tech activators to help purify the water and only takes a minute. Each charge should help you purify a whooping 61 litres of water. Available at from RO38.1

Keep Playing

Sports Gadgets

This Sennheiser PMX 680I Sports is the perfect tool for listening to some music while running. Unlike earphones that simply slide out when jerked, these plugs stay put in your ears, thanks to a locking shell. They’re also sweat and rain resistant, making them ideal for some extreme outdoor action. And being a Sennheiser, expect music quality to be winsome too. Grab yours at at RO26.8 a pop.


Sports Gadgets

Are you sloppy with your iPhone? Don’t worry! This LifeProof case for iPhones is the very best of the best protection covers out there. This surprising accessory only weighs 28g and adds 1.5mm to the edges and still manages to offer military-grade levels of protection – with a fall withstand and water-resistance threshold of two metres. You can obtain covers for almost any Apple handheld device, including the enormous 6S. Available at at RO30.8.

The Real Hero

Sports Gadgets

The GoPro Hero4 Session is the smallest and lightest GoPro camera out there, and should come in handy for cyclists, runners and other sports enthusiasts to shoot high-definition videos on the go. Its light profile allows users to attach the GoPro onto their helmets or training gear without too much hassle. It also packs an eight-megapixel sensor for some quality video. Grab yours from for RO94.5.

Editor’s Pick:

Get Ampy

Sports Gadgets

The Ampy is a revolution, not just for being a portable device for when you need to zap in some quick juice for your smartphone, but also for implementing technology that turns it into an ideal daily work-out/outdoor buddy. This slick device uses kinetic energy from your motion and turns it into potential energy by storing the charge in the built-in battery pack, which you can then use for charging your own devices. Think of it as a perpetual energy solution for your smartphone needs. One hour of workout gives you an hour of charge time for a modern, high-end smartphone. Available at from RO28.8.

App of the Week:

In the Swing

Sports Gadgets

Trying for that perfect swing? Why don’t you let Tiger Woods help you out? The app, Tiger Woods: My Swing uses your device’s camera to analyse your swing and also compare yours with the maestro’s himself. The app also gives you tips to help you with your game. Download the app from And at RO1.53 it seems like a steal.


Smart Scale

Sports Gadgets

No smartwatch or mobile application can help you make do with your traditional bathroom scales. However, what the makers of the FitBit watch have done is get us one step closer to monitoring our bodies with more efficiency. This new digital FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is capable of hooking itself to your Wi-Fi to upload vital information such as weight, body-mass index and body fat percentage. Up to seven users can use this machine, and the data is uploaded online or in a free iPhone app for you to keep track of. Available at from RO44.

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