Tips for the perfect tresses on your wedding day

14 Jul 2016
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Try these top five tips from celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo to get the most romantic look for your big day.

Floating Florals

Wedding tresses

Get the Look: Begin by prepping the hair with a thickening tonic to give full body and texture by adding an extra layer. Then, curl all of the hair around a big barrel curling iron. The curl should create movement and dimension rather than perfect curls. Run your fingers through the curls to break them up and keep them wavy. Grab bits of hair and tie them together with elastics to create a criss-crossing pattern. To finish, place the flower of your choice on the elastics to give the appearance of flowers floating in the hair. Finish with a setting and high-shine spray to keep strands polished and shiny. Avoid using a brush as this will pull the curl out, which you don’t want.

The Halo Effect 

Wedding tresses

Get the look: Start with wet hair and comb with a mousse from root to tip. Spray the hair with a heat-protecting spray first then create a perfect centre parting and blow-dry the hair until completely dry. Now, using a straightening iron on high heat, straighten the hair all the way through to the ends. Then, take a section of hair at ear level and lightly spray with hairspray. Again, using the straightening iron, create 2-3 bends in the hair at ear level. Carry this out going from ear to ear, keeping the bend level all the way around. Finish the look by spraying a shine-enhancing spray all over to set it without removing the bounce.

Half-up half-down

Wedding tresses

Get the look: Run your finger through your hair to soften it  but try and avoid brushing curly hair as this can lead to a frizzy look. Separate two small strands from either side of your hair and pull back and secure, braiding the strands, always adding an extra touch to the look. For more volume, separate the top section of your hair and pull back to form a beehive before combing over to give a clean finish.

Whimsical Waves

Wedding tresses

Get the Look: Prep the hair with a thickening spray and then blow-dry the hair straight, creating a lift on the top. This can be created by the upward blow-drying action. Next, tong vertical sections of hair, making sure it falls backwards. Each section of hair only needs to be tonged from the root to mid-length. The last 2-3 inches of hair are left with straight ends for a more natural look. With a wide-tooth comb, comb the curls out, pushing them into a natural ‘S’ wave. Apply a light-weight styling cream on the top and side of the hair to smooth it. Finally, bring the hair forward so that it sits in front of the shoulders. Finish with some setting hairspray.

Chignon Hair

Wedding tresses

Get the look:  Section off hair into 5cm sections and curl each with a barrel curling iron. Gather the curled hair sections, pin them up and mist the pinned hair with holding hair spray, leaving the hair to set for at least 30 minutes. Remove the lower pins around the head and leave the crown, front and side section. Back-comb each loose section at the root and add a texture powder to add volume. Using an elastic band, pull the hair to create a side ponytail. The crown area of the hair should remain pinned. Divide the ponytail into sections. Take each section and fold the sections loosely and randomly around the base of the ponytail. Then, secure it in place with a bobby pin. Finally, release the top bobby pins and repeat until all of the sections are blended and pinned into place. Gently loosen any side wisps for a romantic look. Apply a high shine mist to create a polished look and to stop flyaway areas.

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