Crew safe after Musandam-Oman Sail mishap

21 Jul 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

In an unfortunate turn of events, Musandam-Oman Sail (MOD70) capsized off the coast of Canada on July 17, not long after leaving the eastern Canadian city of Quebec for a transatlantic race to Saint Malo in France.

Oman Sail is reported to have received the distress call from the Musandam-Oman Sail crew at 3.05am, who told them they had capsized 833.4 kilometers (450 nautical miles) east of St. Pierre and Miquelon, off the coast of Canada.

The crew was on board the boat when the race committee and Oman Sail raced to evacuate them from the distressed vessel.

All members of the crew were brought ashore safely before being transferred aboard a cargo ship, which will take them back to Canada.

Speaking to local press, Oman Sail was quoted as saying: “The crew are safe and usually when the boat capsizes the team forfeits the race.

“The MOD70 is currently damaged and will not be able to continue the race. So far Musandam-Oman Sail is out of the race.”

The team is currently assessing solutions for recovering the capsized MOD70.

Musandam-Oman Sail had earlier made the Sultanate proud after setting a new world record during its sensational victory in the 2016 Volvo Round Ireland Race by sailing around Ireland in just 38 hours, 37 minutes and seven seconds.

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