Time saving gadgets

16 Jun 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

In our fast-paced lifestyles, saving time has become a priority. Amandine Kleczek and Harsh Rajoria explore innovative gadgets to help streamline your routine.


Opening cans can occasionally be finicky. Now, you can simply use the Black & Decker Electric Can Opener. Not only can it open different-sized cans but it also has various useful tools to make your kitchen safer and simpler for everyone. At amazon.com from RO8.24.


Time saving gadgets

Forget about misplacing your phone, keys or any gadget, with the Kensington Proximo Tag and FOB. The Proximo Tag contains a button to alert you that you have misplaced/forgotten your phone and your smartphone will then emit a loud beeping sound so you can find it. Meanwhile, you can also install the Proximo app on your phone to make your life so much easier when trying to find your keys. At amazon.com, Proximo Tag from RO7.78 and Proximo FOB from RO9.04.


Time saving gadgets

Straightening your hair is a task that no girl enjoys. With the Jouvelle Hair Straightener Brush, taming your tresses will no longer be a chore. Within minutes, your hair will become soft and sleek, with little damage done to it. This brush suits all hair types. At amazon.com from RO13.46.


Time saving gadgets

You can finally refrain from spending loads of money on new bicycle tyres and the tape you have to put on to stop them from deflating. With PatchNride your tyres will appear like new in seconds. Whatever type of bike you have, this product will make your life easier. At patchnride.com from RO13.48.


Time saving gadgets

Are you tired of losing notes or feel as if your notes aren’t good enough? The Livescribe Pen has got it covered. It brings your words and ideas into the digital world. Your notes will be automatically stored in a file that can be accessed using a PC or the livescribe app. If that’s not enough, it also records the lecture for which the notes are being written and then stores this audio along with the notes. Livescribe pens make multitasking and organisation easier than ever before! At www.livescribe.com for RO57.7.


All Clean

Time saving gadgets

Sit back and relax while the Roomba Vacuum cleaner self-cleans your carpets and floors. That’s right, this vacuum cleaner can navigate through the house using comprehensive sensors to detect objects, saving you time and effort. You can also set virtual zones in the house where you don’t want it to do the cleaning. Available at amazon.com for RO 192.5.


Philips AquaTouch Electric shaver

Time saving gadgets

The Philips AquaTouch Electric shaver will eliminate any excuse men use for not trimming their beards. Its flexing heads and precision blades efficiently do the trimming and, at the same time, reduce the risk of injury. Use with shaving gel for extra comfort. Three minutes of charge can power one shave. Available at amazon.com for RO28.



Time saving gadgets

With minimal public transport services in Muscat, it can be quite difficult to visit the nearest hypermarket. So why not bring the market to your doorstep? Instacart’s personal shoppers go and get the groceries for you and deliver them within an hour. This app has extensive data about many superstores that one can use to compare products, including the prices. The app will streamline communication between you and shop assistants and ensure you get exactly what you want. No more standing in queues! Free at Play Store and at iTunes.

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