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02 Jun 2016
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In need of some TLC, Heather Duncan checks out the latest beauty salon in town- Body and Soul. 

As I have been in training to trek up Mount Kilimanjaro next month, I’ve done a lot of walking recently. So when it came to a trip to the salon for some pampering, I didn’t really fancy another trek across town in the heat. Therefore, I chose the convenient option and booked into the new ladies’ beauty salon, Body and Sole, which can be found in Oman Avenues Mall. It’s easy to reach, there is plenty of parking, and I can get lots of errands done in one place.

At first, I was a little dubious of how relaxing a beauty treatment in a mall could really be. However, as I walked through the main doors I was transported from a bright, brash, noisy shopping area to a different world, with low lighting, beautiful scents and the feel of an opulent boudoir.

Warmly greeted by Joanna, she led me to the treatment room and got me ready for my first of two treatments, the “Eminence Bright Skin” facial.

Living in this dusty, humid climate can play havoc with your complexion and mine especially needed something a little more than my very basic home skin care routine. I was hoping that the brightening facial was going to live up to its name.

As I lay down and the facial began, I felt relaxed, and in good hands with Joanna and her relaxing aura. She worked quickly and gently without fumbling. The soothing music and tranquil salon made it easy to zone out and enjoy the time spent being cossetted.

I was pleased to hear that all the ingredients used were natural without any nasty chemicals and were combined for cleaning, hydrating and brightening. Even the active ingredient used to remove dead skin cells comes from pineapple.

As the active ingredient works its magic it’s normal to feel a little itchy .To distract myself from that I was treated to a shoulder and arm massage, which was a wonderful and unexpected part of the treatment for ultimate relaxation. The whole experience lasted around 50 minutes and I didn’t want it to end. I could have stayed there all afternoon quite happily.

Immediately after the treatment my skin felt clean, clear and rejuvenated and during the following days it was noticeably blemish-free and youthful-looking. This is definitely something I need to add to my beauty regime more often.

As the name of the salon suggests, it focuses on every aspect of the body. For the next treatment I popped across into the open seating space to treat my weary feet to a pedicure. My tootsies have been enclosed in hiking boots and sneakers and have traipsed up every hiking trail in the area. It was time to rest them up and give them a little bit of care.

Once they were treated to a soak and a buff I started to recognise my own feet again. With a little more attention to the finer details and finishing off with a coat of bright red polish I was soon ready to rock, and am no longer embarrassed to wear open-toed shoes.

As I settled the bill and said goodbye to the girls they chorused: “Bye Madam, see you again soon!” and I’m confident that they will. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and what is even better, I could do this again guilt-free as I leave my husband and son to roam the shops and food court while I enjoy some pampering.

Eminence Bright Skin facial: RO41 

Pedicure: RO9

Contact details:

Phone: 2201 0101


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