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02 Jun 2016
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The days of boring office stationary are long gone. In these times, it’s all about the high-tech workplace. Matthew Herbst gives you the lowdown on the best office gadgets.

Smart presentation

The MiLi Power HI-P60 Pico Projector is simplifying the way we make presentations in business meetings. Since smartphones can be used to take pictures and record videos, you can now also use them as presentation tools at work. All you need is this digital multimedia Pico Projector, which comes with a hands-free stand that makes it easier to use. The HI-P60 Pico Projector is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. At from RO130.48.

Just print it

Office gadgets

If you’re an artist or designer you may want to take your creativity to heights you couldn’t imagine possible through printing. What if you could make whatever you wanted out of almost any kind of material or improve the visual quality of things that you already have with little more work than having an idea? Well, now you can with the GlowForge 3D Laser Printer. It comes at a steep price but we think it’s worth it. Pre-order yours at from RO1,845.63.

Hot ’n cold

Office gadgets

The Yecup is a definite investment at work. It is a high-quality smart mug, which is controlled from your smartphone!  It is a vacuum flask that will heat up or cool down your drink to your exact specifications via its app. You can also check the battery status of the cup via the app, including charging your phone with the help of a built-in battery charger. Plus there’s an additional feature that takes selfies with a special Selfie Button on the cup. Nifty. Pre-order at from RO61.20.

Digital writer

Office gadgets

Finally, Moleskine has joined the race in digital technology and now brings written text to the digital world. Meet the Moleskine Smart Writing Set that is sure to set a new theme to your writing skills by watching your ideas move from paper to screen in an instant. Now you can explore with the tools you love – pen and paper– and smoothly digitise your notes, making it fast and simple to edit. Store and share things on your phone or laptop. At from RO112.02.


Office gadgets

Simply rest your phone on top of the Touch Speaker and the sound will instantly be amplified. Best of all, no wires or pairing is needed. This wireless speaker is ideal for gentle office tunes and outdoor parties thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge! Check it out at from RO8.43.


The RecorderGear Recording Device

Office gadgets

You could be a busy journalist chasing so many calls everyday that it’s hard to keep track of all your notes and interviews. Being human, you can only take so many notes as best you can but when human error steps in, you better have safeguards in place. So why not invest in the RecorderGear Recording Device? Now you can recall every phone interview with complete clarity. It wirelessly Records mobile phone calls with 4GB Memory and holds 144hrs of Audio. It works with Bluetooth capable phones amongst other brilliant features. At from RO45.80.

App of the week

Office for Android

Office gadgets

This Office app was developed by Microsoft especially for working on the go. Its familiar Office experience has also been adapted and designed for Android phones. Now you can read, review, edit, and share your documents on the go and no longer be tied down to your desk. What’s good is that you have easy access to all your documents in the cloud whenever you need them instead of smothering your phone memory. Free at

Editor’s Pick

Small Places

Office gadgets

This gadget is aimed at the more technically minded such as engineers, mechanics and archeologists etc who usually have to decipher problems by looking closely into tiny spaces or find broken connections around other mechanical bits and pieces. Back in the day you would whip out a torch and try to form a clearer picture of what’s going on and figure it out. Thanks to technology and the Android BlueFire Endoscope, that is no longer the case. It is a waterproof USB Inspection Snake Tube Camera that plugs into your smartphone and shows you what’s broken, by giving you a more in-depth look. At from RO10.77.

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