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09 Jun 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Iftar can be daunting for the chef in any household. Matthew Herbst checks out what’s cooking to help prepare delicious food to break the fast. These are the best Iftar tech toys in town. 

Causing a stir

Instead of using a range of different appliances and blades to cut, stir and blend your family favourites for Iftar, you can now simply just extend the blade’s width using the Stirio Auto-Stirring Tool on any sized pot you already own. With fewer detachable parts, there are less items to lose so it will always be ready to stir through any dish, whether you’re making gravy in a small pot or cooking lamb tagine for a large family Iftar. At www.amazon.co.uk from RO6.98.

In good time

Ramadan tech

This affordable, programmable Bella Programmable Digital Slow Cooker lets you select from up to three cooking settings: low, high, and keep warm. Just set the timer to countdown for up to 12 hours, and feed your entire family this Ramadan with minimal effort. At amazon.com from RO18.09.

Noodles galore

Ramadan tech

If you spend a fortune on pasta and noodles for Iftar meals, then it might be a good idea to consider making it yoursefl at home with a Philips Noodle Maker. Making your own noodles sounds like a laborious task but with the Noodle Maker it doesn’t have to be. It’s a dedicated countertop appliance that churns out fresh noodles from scratch, and will do everything that’s needed to turn your base ingredients into scrumptious noodle strips. At amazon.com from RO103.56.

Waffles in a jiffy

Ramadan tech

Instead of buying packaged waffle bowls, why not invest in the Bella Waffle Bowl Maker instead? It lets you make them at home, fresh and hot. Better still, it can crank out a pair of crispy batter cakes at a time in mere minutes so you can cook up enough to feed everyone at the table without taking up too much of your time. At.amazon.co.uk from RO7.54.


Ramadan tech

So your family loves rice but the kids are being difficult and prefer to munch on a sandwich?  Not a problem! A clever little kitchen gadget called the Gopan Rice Bread Cooker turns grains of rice magically into loaves. It takes regular, uncooked grains of rice (feel free to add a bunch of other ingredients too) and puts them through a milling function, turning the whole mass into a paste. From there on, the paste is automatically kneaded, raised and baked into a regular loaf of bread at a single press of a button. At www.amazon.co.uk from RO123.97.



Ramadan tech

Mellow is a countertop appliance that comes with an integrated cooling unit and could easily double up as a fridge. This way you can keep your food refrigerated until you begin cooking it in a steaming water bath. It is also WiFi-connected and will hook up to your home network making it simple to control from a mobile app. This makes it even easier to do the cooking while at the office. You control everything, from cooking time to precise temperatures to refrigeration from the app. You will need cooking bags for it though, after which you just drop the ingredients in the zip bag and cook away. At cookmellow.com from RO154.00.

App of the week

Muslim Pro

Ramadan tech

With approximately 15 million users in around 215 countries, it is useful to have an accurate Islamic app, ideal for use during Ramadan. Not only is it a comprehensive Islamic app but also offers accurate prayer times and multiple azans, it also features translations of the Quran and audio recitations, as well as the Islamic calendar and a Qibla locator. Free at iTunes and on Google play.

Editor’s Pick

Safe and Sound

Ramadan tech

Food sniffer is billed as “the world’s first portable electronic nose” as it can be used to detect the quality and freshness of a range of meat and fish. When it comes to protecting your family this Ramadan, it’s best not to rely on your eyes and nose when trying to check the freshness of proteins. BETTER TO rely on a proven device to make a more scientific assessment of whether it’s fresh. To use Foodsniffer, simply bring the handheld device close to the meat and press a button. Its onboard sensors (INCLUDING ammonia, temperature, humidity) will sample the air around the meat, sending the readings over Bluetooth to an accompanying mobile app, which will then display detailed results. At www.myfoodsniffer.com from RO49.66.

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