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05 May 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

With a hungry husband and toddler in tow, Heather Duncan finds that Kiwi’s can satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Dining out as a family with an active toddler can be a real challenge so more often than not we choose to dine at home. Last weekend, we felt brave and ventured out of the house with our lively lad, Spencer, in search of a hassle-free meal for the whole family.

Pleasing everyone can be hard. My husband likes very simple food and the farther away from vegetables, the better. My preference is towards pristine, good-quality food, and our two-year-old loves anything that resembles a chicken nugget drowned in tomato sauce. One thing we all have in common is that we love burgers. Therefore, we settled on the new branch of Kiwi’s in the Panorama Mall food court.

It’s been a while since I visited the chain’s main branch at the Dolphin Plaza in Bawshar, but I have fond memories of its sloppy-style burgers that have always hit the spot. Kiwi’s originally started off as a roadside shack in Al Hail North with plastic seats and chairs overlooking a roundabout. There, it quickly gained a cult following among its customers. It has grown up since then and now has two outlets, with the second recently opening at Panorama Mall.

Warmly greeted by the server when we arrived, we gazed at the menu on the facing wall. It is extremely simple but sometimes that’s a good thing. I could make my choice in mere seconds instead of my usual longwinded thought process. The choice of beef burgers wasn’t rocket science. You can choose whether you want a double, triple or quadruple meat patty. That’s it, a fuss-free choice. There was a choice of two chicken burgers – one crispy, one classic.


I opted for the double classic beef burger meal and my ravenous husband went for the triple patty choice. For his meal, he declined any salad – if it’s anything approaching healthy food, he isn’t interested. We both opted for a portion of the spicy buffalo wings each – no sharing for us – the only other option for a side was the Kiwi hotdog, which didn’t tickle my fancy. We ordered a chicken nugget kids meal for the little guy.

The food was cooked and served to us in just nine minutes, not too long to wait when you’re hungry. This is fast food in a food court but the presentation was colourful and appealing when it arrived.


The spicy buffalo wings served in a foil tray were the first thing I tucked into. They were tasty with just the right amount of flavour and a good, spicy kick to the sauce.

The burgers arrived and my husband eyed every angle of them just to make sure there wasn’t a trace of salad. The chef had heeded his request, thankfully. My husband was happy, and devoured the triple patty burger in a couple of minutes. The meat was well-cooked with a good fresh burger bun and the sauce was enough to make it a good sloppy burger, but not too much to make it a disaster.

With the double patty burger meal costing just RO2.4 this is very competitively priced compared with larger fast-food chains. However, I much prefer this Kiwi meal due to the freshness of the food. The little guy was more than happy with his meal too; nuggets and chips are a winner in his eyes every time!

To wash down your food, there’s a choice of drinks, from milkshakes to water.

Kiwi’s don’t do dessert as such. The choice is chocolate cake or Browniz, which we decided to leave this time. We were all replete, satisfied and content that the meal had curbed the hunger we had arrived with.

This is fast food with a fresh, tasty twist and at these prices, I shall definitely come again.

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Info Box


Panorama Mall, Al Ghubra Street, Muscat

Tel: 9670 0808

Open: 12-3pm and 6pm-10pm daily

Accepts cards and cash

Facebook: kiwicafeoman

Dinner for 2 adults and 1 child: RO10.6

Verdict :

7 / 10 Service

7 / 10 Food

7 / 10 Ambience

Fresh fast food with no fuss, and very affordable

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