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12 May 2016
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It might be getting hotter, but it’s always a good time to throw a do indoors or out. Nikita Lobo and Matthew Herbst check out the latest party tech.

Miracle Karaoke

Fed up with people laughing at your karaoke performances? Well, here’s something just for you. The Singtrix Karaoke machine is a box of tricks to help make you sound like Mariah Carey or Sam Smith. This mean machine will filter your voice through 300 preloaded vocal effects and three levels of Autotune pitch correction. The system comprises a microphone, a control box called Studio, and a monitor sporting a 40-watt 2.1 speaker with built-in woofers. There is also a library of songs and a lyrics display. As an added benefit, the karaoke is built to work with an accompanying app (iOS or Android). Order now at for RO124.

Lights, camera, action

Party tech

When you need to capture the fun of an event without too much hassle, the Activeon Solar X is just what you need. It takes 4K UHD 2,160p videos (twice the resolution of a standard full HD camera) through a f2.4 wide-angle lens and is easily controlled with its 2.0″ built-in touch screen. It comes with an Activeon X station with solar panels on the sides. The camera has a two-hour battery life and can obtain an extra four hours from the station so you don’t miss a moment. Check it out at from RO 165.55.

Overhead Selfies

Party tech

Selfies using a selfie stick are becoming a bit old hat. We’re looking for a bit more these days, and the ONAGOfly Smart Nano Drone delivers. This drone is controlled with an iOS or Android device and is primarily designed to snap aerial selfies or record 1080p full-HD video while it follows you around. Built-in GPS syncs with the GPS in your phone so the ONAGOfly will automatically track your movements. It also comes with a built-in feature of face and smile detection. Take your selfies to whole new level and pre-order yours at from RO100.

After-Party Buddy

Party tech

You’ve had the party but now it’s time to clean up. The iRobot Braava jet 240 can give you a helping hand. It has three smart cleaning modes – wet mop, damp sweep and dry sweep. It can cover an area of 13 to 18 square metres and comes with a vibrating cleaning head to increase agitation. There is a water nozzle to spray the area it’s covering, and a premixed detergent in its disposable pads. You also won’t need to set up any sensors to help the Jet navigate. It uses a bumper to detect objects, a wheel count to tell how far it’s travelled and a gyroscope to keep track of how much it turns. At for RO77.

Luminous Lights

Party tech

Put an end to tangled wires and extension cords. Here’s an invention that makes light work of illuminating your garden or terrace for a party. The Luminoodle is an all-in-one USB lighting solution powered by any USB battery or power source. Measuring 1.5m long, it’s also flexible and waterproof. It is highly efficient because its LED strip produces 180 lumens of light. Universal ties, magnets and utility loops allow for easy hanging. Grab your Luminoodle lights  along with a battery pack for RO15.39 at

Editor’s Pick

What’s Cooking?

Party tech

Your guests are ravenous but you’re worried about burning your famous chilli. Well, fear not. The Belkin Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo can give you culinary peace of mind. This kitchen appliance operates just like any other slow cooker, with low, high, and warm settings. The one difference is that it adds a bit of techy flavour to it via Belkin’s WeMo system, in which users can adjust temperatures, times, and even check in how it’s cooking remotely  From any iOS and Android devices. At from RO49.66.


Bob Grillson Premium

Party tech

If you’re so busy chatting around the grill that you forget about the smouldering steaks on the flame or you’re prefer to escape the scorching heat, then the Bob Grillson Premium smart grill is for you. This burner is app-enabled, which lets you grill, smoke or cook while you kick back and chill out indoors in air-conditioned comfort. At from RO1,925.00.

App of the week


Party tech

Music software company Serato has just released its newest program that does the DJ-ing for you. Pyro is an iPhone app that takes a playlist created from your iTunes or Spotify account. It fades in and out between tracks while removing any awkward stops or track jumps. The program uses an algorithm to beat match two tracks with the same or similar tempos then slows or raises the speeds of the proceeding track to make it work. And if two tempos are too different, Pyro has a built-in fader tool. Free at

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