OFA launches EFFECT Street League tournament

26 May 2016
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With the UEFA Champions League coming to a close and the UEFA Euro 2016 about to take centre stage, football fever is at an all-time high around the world, including in Oman. And on the back of this, the Oman Football Association (OFA) has launched the EFFECT Street League tournament.

What’s the difference? The EFFECT Street League will be played with some fun new rules – or rather, no rules. 

The league format is designed to replicate the way  teams play on the streets of Oman. Players will be encouraged to embrace the spirit of the street game and, as a result, there will be no referees, and the team captains will agree to the rules and calls before the game kicks off.

Teams are invited to sign up with the OFA to take part in a three-week-long league format tournament. Thirty-six teams will grace the tournament and games will be played as per the street league concept of matches following on from each other. If successful, the OFA may even implement the league rules in longer formats, with more teams.

Alister D’Silva, the OFA’s head of events said: “This is a fun new format and one we have decided to adopt after listening to the players who have been through our recent events. 

“The OFA Events team will be taking inputs from teams playing in OFA events to ensure that the regulations followed are ‘Street Football’ focused.

“The event format will be flexible and allow changes if deemed appropriate.”

“It will be fun, and we are hopeful all our teams will love the format, and help us create a nationwide event series in 2016/17,” he added.

The OFA has partnered with EFFECT, the world’s number one mental energiser drink, and Tanuf Water, which are distributed by National Mineral Water Company, for the Street League.

Information about the league will be posted on the OFA’S website, www.ofa.om, and across all social media platforms. You can also catch all the updated results on the website.

To take part, contact the OFA via Whatsapp on 9015 8158.

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