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19 May 2016
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Check out the newest movies to hit Muscat – The Angry Birds Movie, The Trust, The Perfect Match, Bad Neighbours 2 –  Sorority Rising and Azhar.

The Angry Birds Movie

Are there any kids around who haven’t downloaded the Angry Birds app? This colourful, entertaining and energetic movie is based on the amusing game franchise, which is the most popular in mobile phone history. Red (Jason Sudeikis) is a bird with a bad temper who ends up being sent to anger management classes. Chuck (Josh Gad) is highly impulsive and Bomb (Danny McBride) literally explodes whenever he gets upset. Both join Red as he works through his issues when a greater problem rolls in to disrupt their idyllic Bird Island – the piggies.

While the swinish visitors seem like a nice lot by giving out gifts to all and sundry, their mission is to make off with the birds’ eggs. When it’s mission accomplished, Red has to lead the charge to get them back. By incorporating some of the gaming elements of the app, such as the catapult challenges, it’s a quick, hilarious, and fresh piece of animated folly for younger children.

Review by Nikita Lobo

The Trust


Stone (Nicolas Cage) and Waters (Elijah Wood) are two cops who are finding their desk jobs at the Las Vegas Police Department a tad on the dull side. However, the ennui of the evidence room throws up something intensely unusual, which sets the duo on the road to something infinitely more exciting and dangerous. Directors the Brewer brothers deliver a stylish and well-crafted heist thriller with superb acting from the two leads. 

The Perfect Match 


Charlie (Terrence Jenkins) is a “player” who doesn’t believe in love and is convinced that all relationships are dead. When he meets the beautiful and mysterious Eva (Cassie Ventura), they agree to see each other but soon Charlie wants more. It’s a rom-com but lacks emotional interplay between the two leads and also comes up a little short in the laughter stakes.

Preview: Bad Neighbours 2 –  Sorority Rising


As a sequel to Bad Neighbours, this comedy revolves around the beleaguered Radners and a sorority living next door, which turns out to be even more of a disaster than the fraternity that preceded it. When things inevitably get out of hand. Mac Radner (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) are forced to seek help and team up with their former enemy and troublesome neighbour Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron).

Bollywood: Azhar


If you’re a cricket fan, this is a must-see. However, it certainly doesn’t skimp on a warts-and all window on the world of bat on willow. Emraan Hashmi plays Mohammad Azharuddin, India’s most controversial cricket captain, who admitted throwing matches for money and received a lifetime ban. Although the film makes a decent stab at portraying his chequered life and career, it almost feels as if its purpose is to exonerate Azharuddin for his actions, or at the very least show him as a man who simply lost the plot both on the pitch and off. However, the film gets away with it, thanks to Hashmi’s superb performance.

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