Gadgets to keep you cool this summer

19 May 2016
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The scorching heat of summer has finally arrived. Matthew Herbst checks out some gadgets to keep you cool this summer.

Splish splash


If you can’t go anywhere without your music, not even to the swimming pool, then the iSplash Floating Speaker is just what you need. The iSplash sports a nine-metre range and can stream digital music in the pool, hot tub or the bath. Check it out at, from RO19.24.

Just cool


Last summer, one of the biggest Kickstarter successes was created in the form of a cooler. The Coolest Cooler managed to raise around RO5 million from more than 60,000 backers because it is rather special. This cooler not only keeps your drinks cold but also has a built-in blender and, of course, a stereo system. At from RO153.58.

Tuned in


If you’re slightly more old-school and not so keen to let streaming control what you listen to then take a look at Sony’s 4GB Walkman Sports wireless MP3 player. It is waterproof and holds up to eight hours of battery life. It comes in black, white, pink, orange, and blue. It’s the ideal playmate for an active summer in or out of the pool. At, from RO38.49.

Thirst quencher


There is nothing worse than being forced to drink what was once an ice-cold can of drink that’s gone hot from the simmering heat. Check out the YETI Coolers Rambler Colster, an evolution in can-insulating, hand-protecting technology, with stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your choice of beverage chilled. At from RO11.54.

In the Air


Similar to the Coolest Cooler but different. What’s different? Well, instead of just keeping your soft drinks chilled, this IcyBreeze Cooler actually acts as a kind of outdoor aircon by circulating cold water, then blows chilled, dry air out of a vent. A good investment if you want to brave the heat poolside this summer. At from RO115.00.

Editor’s Pick: Cool as Ice


The Ambi is a handheld device that’s an electronic ice cube. This nifty piece of tech instantly cools you down just by placing it anywhere on your body. It works especially well if you apply it to the back of your neck to cool down your whole body instantly on a hot night. At from RO15.50.

EcoTerra Waterproof Boombox


It might not keep you cool this summer but it certainly will make you look very cool. This Eco Terra WaterProof BoomBox plays powerful music from your iPhone or MP3 player and also offers an ideal solution to store your phone safely as well. The compartment in the centre has been especially built to store smartphones, cash, keyrings and even credit cards thus protecting them from making contact with water. With its rugged build combined with the retractable handle, carry strap and two carabineers, it’s a comfortable device to carry to any destination outdoors. Enjoying your music by your side while cooling down in the water is no longer an issue because this super piece of kit can also float! Perfect. At from RO95.46.

App of the Week: Fast Cooling for Android


This great app is ideal for cooling, minimising and controlling the temperature of your Android device. It is also good to know that it cleans up the memory, thus accelerating your phone’s memory and battery life. Free at Google Play.

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