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05 May 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

2016 is a serious year for technology. Whether they are smarter or more connected, Matthew Herbst takes a look at some great gadgets coming out soon.

Smart Foodie

Future tech

If you have a gluten intolerance then dining out can be tricky. But with Nima in your pocket, it no longer needs to be about taking pot luck. This small, triangular device can detect whether or not your food contains gluten. Simply slide out one corner to reveal a slot where you can insert a tiny sample of food then slip the capsule back in, and wait for an LED smiley face. However, if your food has 20 parts per million (PPM) or more gluten in it, then that smile would turn into a frown. Pre-order yours at nimasensor.com from RO76.50.

In a Blaze

Future tech

Fitbit Blaze is the newest Fitbit model and is a modular fitness watch designed to monitor heart rate, sleep and workouts. You can also customise its colourful touchscreen with different watch faces. The face can also pop out and swap into all sorts of different bands. With its 24/7 heart-rate tracking, you can monitor trends in your health, stress and fitness. It also checks sleep and activities automatically and can detect if you start running, biking, playing tennis or working out. Order your Blaze for RO77 at www.fitbit.com.

Smart Chic

Future tech

2016 is a year in which wearables are all about personal style and individuality. Misfit has taken this onboard and has created Misfit Ray, which is an activity and sleep tracker that’s discreet, chic and uniquely yours. Ray is a cylindrical aluminium device that can be worn with any band that takes your fancy, including silicone, cord and even ribbon. It’s hollow in the middle so you just slide the band through it. Alternatively, wear it as a bracelet, necklace or even as a choker. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to track sleep and motion, and has a vibrating motor and an LED to alert you to incoming notifications. Amazingly, Ray also works with Misfit’s Bolt lightbulb as an easy access button for turning Wi-Fi-connected devices on and off in your home. Available at misfit.com from RO38.50.

Kid Coder

Future tech

This very colourful, illuminated Fisher-Price Code-A-Pillar is not only cute but a smart toy and it has a mission, which is to teach your young tot coding. This nifty Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar teaches young children the most basic concepts of coding such as thinking skills, problem solving, patterning and sequencing. It comes with eight segments, which kids can attach together in various orders. Depending on the order, the mechanical caterpillar executes different actions, such as moving straight forward, turning right or left or lighting up. Not only is it fun but it is also exceptionally educational for pre-school age children. Check it out at www.fisher-price.com. Price TBC later this year.

Keep Cool

Future tech

Ween is a smart thermostat that adjusts your home’s temperature in real time. By using your smartphone’s location to know if you’re on the sofa or if you’ve left the house it can drop the temperature a few degrees to save you some rials on your bill. If you feel it is a bit nippy or a little too hot for your liking then just adjust the temperature by twisting the teardrop’s silver tip clockwise or counter-clockwise. Expect Ween to be available later this year. Pre-order at www.ween.fr.


Livestream Movi

Future tech

With all the talk of Go Pro action cams taking centre stage, it’s no wonder developers are reeling out some serious competition. Despite not being a wearable action cam, what Livestream has done with its product Movi is still pretty intuitive and smart. This little 4K camera is designed to capture live events as they happen, which is something people are wanting to do more and more of these days. How it works is that Movi connects right to your iPhone and uses the corresponding app to let you edit up to nine virtual cameras as you go. You can zoom, pan, cut and even let the camera follow faces, all within the app. Get into the bigger picture with a Movi and take the next big step in live streaming capabilities. At getmevo.com from RO153.60.

App of the Week

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Future tech

If you’re sitting far too long at your desk at work or if you’ve just had a delicious meal, it may then be time for a workout and get the body moving. The problem is that none of us have enough time these days to work out for hours. This is when the 7 Minute Workout Challenge app drops in to give you a hand. It has 12 expertly designed exercises to be performed for 30 seconds with 10 second-intervals, which is an equivalent to an hour-long workout. Get back in shape today. At www.apple.com/itunes, from RO1.15.

Editor’s Pick


Future tech

Fossil has finally entered the world of wearables with its new Q Activity Trackers. The Q Dreamer is a beautiful piece of jewellery that presents a discreet way of getting notifications without looking too techy. Receive everything from Facebook updates to texts on your wrist. You can also customise the info that comes through with iOS and Android apps. At www.fossil.com from RO36.50

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