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26 May 2016
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A fruit drink with a difference is about to be launched in Oman. It contains collagen and other vitamins for glowing skin and good health. Y tries to find if you can find beauty in a bottle.

You may not have heard of Bella Berry yet but you soon will. The UK’s first mass market collagen-based “beauty drink” is about to hit the shelves in LuLu hypermarkets.

Made with 100 per cent natural ingredients, Bella Berry is packed with a whole host of vitamins, antioxidants, collagen and green tea extract and a blend of goodness, all of which, the makers say, will promote energy, beautiful skin and happiness.

Bella Berry will be retailing at RO1.350 per 250ml bottle.

Three members of Team Y tried it out over 12 days, drinking one bottle a day to see if it made a difference:

Kate Ginn, Y’s Deputy Editor

Superfruit flavour (pomegranate, blueberry, acai)


As a journalist, I’m a natural sceptic about anything new, but on a personal level, as a woman of a certain age (don’t ask) I’m always keen on trying something that can help hold back Mother Nature. It’s fair to say that my body needed a bit of a boost; a hectic life had left me almost running on empty in the energy tank and feeling foggy-headed. So let’s say that I entered this experiment with an open mind.

I liked the colour of my drink (a deep purple/blue) and the ingredients, which was a good start. On the first day, I was like an eager beaver and was at the fridge at 7am ready to gulp down the 250ml in one go. It tasted nice but was a bit like a watered-down fruit juice, and less bursting with flavour than I had expected. I guess that’s because they use all natural ingredients. I was hoping for instant results – a bit like when Dr Jekyll downs his potion to turn into Mr Hyde, only a nicer version – but knew this was probably going to be more of a slow burner. By day three, I suddenly realised that I felt more energetic and my mind was clearer. That 4.30pm daily energy dip had been all but banished. I did have a minor surgical procedure in the middle of the trial, which left me very sleepy for three days but nonetheless made sure that I had my daily Bella Berry without fail. By the end, I was definitely more full of beans than usual and my skin was less oily; a couple of my friends even remarked that I looked a little younger – words, which to a woman of my age, are priceless.

Matthew Herbst, Y’s Art Director

Tropical flavour (pineapple, lime, mint)

Bella Berry

I knew that being a man taking part in this was going to be interesting and I wondered what the effects would be, if any.

I noticed an improvement in energy during the first day of drinking it. Thankfully, I come from genes that keep me looking younger naturally than my actual age but I was still curious about the effects of the collagen. I was even more intrigued as to whether or not it would work at all with men. On days two and three, there was a noticeable difference in my energy levels; where I usually start to flag around 5pm, I felt better, more focused and less sleepy than I usually do.

Days four and five brought good news as I was on a video call with a friend, who said she noticed the dark rings around my tired eyes were looking lighter and my face fresher. I also began to notice that my skin was less oily. On day six, I made an error and forgot to take the drink in the morning only to end up gulping it down around 7pm. Much to my horror, I couldn’t fall asleep despite being tired. If it was the drink that had helped my energy peak, then I was not going to get much sleep and was doomed for work the next day.

Over the further six days, my energy levels kept rising. My face definitely looked less oily and my skin clear. The dark rings around my eyes continued to lighten and the extra energy made me feel quite a lot younger. I think it’s worth a try, whether male or female, as I believe we all have skin and a body that works much the same. I’d like another 12-pack please, boss…

Nikita Lobo, Y’s Intern

Summer fruit flavour (raspberry, apple, pear)


Bella Berry is clearly aiming to cash in on the science behind the mantra that beauty comes from within. The London-based start-up makes a range of high-concentration liquid molecule supplements that target our body. The drinks provide collagen, zinc and other vitamins to enrich skin and hair while spurring healthy brain activity and metabolism.

I found out Bella Berry is an award-winning drink so there might be something in it. It isn’t meant to be sipped; you’re supposed to down the whole thing in one gulp. Normally, shots are very potent but this tastes pretty watered-down. That sounds negative but it’s actually a nice change from what I’ve had before. I can’t really tell if this worked on my skin because I’m only 19 and have fairly good skin, so I think this drink is meant for older individuals. After the age of 20, one per cent less collagen is produced in the skin each year.

However, thanks to Bella Berry, I no longer walk around half asleep in the mornings as this drink makes me feel lively and fresh after I drink it and the effect endures well.

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