Waterproof tech

28 Apr 2016
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Oman offers some of the best adventures around, from beaches to mountains and beautiful wadis to splash in. Matthew Herbst checks out the latest waterproof tech available to accompany you.

Time Sinker


This Casio WSD-F1O Smart Outdoor watch is not only the toughest of its kind but is Casio’s very first Android Wear smartwatch. It’s water-resistant up to 50 metres as well as shock and dust-resistant. As tough as this timepiece is, it delivers all the features you would want from a smartwatch. Check it out at store.google.com from RO192.48.

Brazen Vibes

Waterproof Tech

The BRAVEN BRV-Pro is not only waterproof but, thanks to its rugged structure, can also take a massive beating. Despite its toughness, it delivers great sound quality and battery life. If your wallet has a few rials to spare, you can add some cool optional accessories such as a battery pack and a solar panel that can both recharge the speaker. Pool party? The BRV-Pro allows users to connect multiple speakers for a much bigger experience. At amazon.com from RO56.59.

Cool Sounds

Waterproof Tech

If you’re looking for a poolside companion, then get yourself a compact UE ROLL 360 waterproof wireless speaker by Logitech. Not only does it have a cool design but offers plenty of funky colour schemes to match your style. Then there’s the excellent sound quality as well. It’s lightweight enough to carry around, and also sports excellent battery life. At amazon.com from RO26.94.

On the Move

Waterproof Tech

There’s no doubt that GoPro’s HERO4 BLACK is the ultimate action camera on the market. GoPro’s housing makes it waterproof up to an impressive 40 metres of depth. And while it sinks to the depths with you, its quality is not compromised due to the image sensor, which captures excellent 4K video. If you take your adventure filming seriously, then it has a wide array of mounts and accessories to choose from. For added mobility and sharing on the go, it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. At amazon.com from RO165.15.

Adventure Charger

Waterproof Tech

This Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger is a portable battery pack with a comfortable 7,800mAh capacity, which is good enough to fully charge a couple of your gadgets twice over. You can also add a solar panel to the Venture, making it completely independent from any power outlet and perfect for sunny treks. It comes with two USB ports and a micro USB connector. At amazon.com from RO33.87.

New: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Waterproof Tech

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is arguably the best smartphone available today. The edge is not only water-resistant but also offers many cool features such as a superb display, excellent camera, powerful processors, and support for Samsung’s payment service. Then there’s the must-have VR headset, which makes the S7 edge the ultimate phone to have these days no matter your age. At amazon.com from RO283.72.

Editors Pick: Capture and Save

Waterproof Tech

Meet the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth. made from aircraft-grade anodised aluminium, It’s a USB stick than can be submerged up to 200 metres underwater and still protect your files. It is compatible with PCs and Macs, and comes with a five-year warranty. The flash drive is available with up to 256GB of storage capacity. At amazon.com from RO8.85.

App of the Week: Waterlogged

Waterproof Tech

Drink More Water, Daily Water Intake Tracker and Hydration Reminders. With summer slowly making its presence felt in Oman, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. If you’re not drinking enough water then Waterlogged can help with charts and reminders to keep you topped up. It also works in conjunction with Apple Health and Fitbit. Free at itunes.apple.com

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