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07 Apr 2016
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With a change in the way kids play, it’s easy to get your little ones tech savvy from a young age. Matthew Herbst reviews what’s out there.

Creative vision

Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

With virtual reality really taking off, introduce your tot to a Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. This is the first one aimed at kids and works with various smartphones, just like Google Cardboard. Mattel has also included reels that trigger different augmented-reality experiences. You can buy various RO5 reel packs covering topics like space and wildlife. At from RO51.

Smart learner

Comfy Easy PC System

If  you are looking for educational tech for your tot, the Comfy Easy PC System from RO26 is just what you want. It is ideal for ages one to five. Toddlers play and interact with the lovable Comfy characters, while increasing their motor and cognitive skills. Consists of the Easy PC keyboard, designed with different shapes, vibrant colours and fun keys that play music or teach about the weather. At

Switched on

 Vtech V-motion Active Learning System

The Vtech V-motion Active Learning System is ideal for ages three to seven. This educational video game system is similar to the popular Nintendo Wii but for little ones. A wireless controller is used to move around on screen making it safe from dangerous cords. The games are toddler-friendly and teach concepts such as  numbers, letters, shapes, science and vocabulary for older tots. At from RO26.

Furry Friends

Furreal Friends

Furreal Friends is a fun, lifelike pet for the animal lover in the family. Ideal for ages four and over. Kids can choose their favourite from dogs, cats, birds and even a kid-sized pony, which moves and interacts with your child. The best part is that they don’t have to be fed or cleaned up after. Accessories are available for added fun. At from RO7 – RO115.

My Real Digital Video Camera

 My Real Digital Video Camera

Ideal for ages four and up, My Real Digital Video Camera is a brilliant way to allow your kids to record and edit videos as well as pictures. This sturdy video camera, made especially for tough use with little ones, has 1.3 pixel resolution, 64MB of memory and an SD expansion slot to add more memory. It’s also waterproof. At from RO38.

One click

lickstart My first Computer

Clickstart My first Computer is ideal for wannabe Steve Jobs, enabling preschoolers to learn about computers. This colourful kid’s PC includes a wireless keyboard, child-sized mouse and a console that connects to your TV. The four games teach basic computer literacy and educational skills. At from RO19.




Not just an app but a series of interactive educational software titles that introduce little ones (ages six months to two years) to letters, numbers, colours, animals and other learning essentials. Navigation is easy peasy for tots because all they have to do is tap a key or keys, and something happens on screen; shapes change and critters appear. You run the programs on your home computer, but youngsters can’t exit the program to mess with your files. At from RO7


In view


This Kid Tough Digital Camera for ages 3 and up is the real deal for aspiring shutterbugs. This chunky, Kid-Tough model will keep clicking even after taking a beating or being constantly dropped. It has dual handgrips and big buttons, a built-in flash, and even a 1.6-inch preview screen. And just like mum and dad’s camera, it transfers images to a computer via a USB cable. At from RO19.

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