Mystery of the abandoned girl

21 Apr 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Details about the little girl who was found abandoned in Buraimi have surfaced following an investigation by the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

In a tweet on Tuesday (April 19), the ROP said: “There are developments in the case and an investigation is on.”

Initial reports stated that the two-year old girl had been abandoned in a park in Buraimi last Friday (April 15) and found by an Omani woman, who took her to the local police station.

This week, more information came to light, revealing that the story was not as straightforward as first thought.

The ROP discovered that the girl had been staying with an Omani man who was not her father and that it was her mother – a GCC national – who handed her over to him, stating that she would return to pick up her daughter but never came back. On Tuesday (April 19) a report by the Oman News Agency quoted a police source as saying that the toddler had not been left in a park, as originally claimed by the Omani woman who handed her over to police. In fact, the girl had simply been given to the woman by the Omani man.

The Ministry of Social Development said that the child had been transferred to the Child Care Centre in Muscat, where she will remain until foster care is arranged.

In a bid to find the mother, police released images of the girl to the media. Offers to adopt the youngster after her photos melted people’s hearts have apparently been flooding in.

Families interested in caring for her can contact the Child Affair Department for details.

The ROP has appealed to relatives and members of the public with any information regarding the two-year-old girl’s parents to come forward and contact Al Buraimi police station, or to call the emergency hotline, 9999.

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