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Mwasalat a hit among passengers

Mwasalat has reached a major milestone, announcing that it has carried 1.1 million passengers since it began operations on November 22 last year.

The most popular route is Ruwi-Mabela, which saw 580,000 passengers use the public bus service. This was followed by the Ruwi-Wadi Kabir route with 390,000 passengers and Ruwi-Wadi Uddy with 127,000.

Mwasalat says public demand for the bus service is higher than expected, with a majority of the passengers being expatriates representing a variety of nationalities.

The company wants to encourage more people to switch to public transport in a bid to reduce the number of cars on the road to lower traffic congestion, noise and harmful emissions.

The company, which is currently in an expansion phase, this week launched a new route from Ruwi-Al Amerat.

Mwasalat added that it would launch routes from Ruwi-Muttrah-Muscat and Al Khoudh-Sultan Qaboos University-Burj Al Sahwa by the middle of this year.