Great Wave

07 Apr 2016
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Achieve that tousled, beach-hair look with these easy-to-follow tips for top tresses.

Whether you are prepping for an event or simply want lustrous locks this spring, celebrity stylist Asgar Saboo, who has worked with superstars such as Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is here to share his top tips for perfect, natural waves. With minimal effort but maximum impact, your tresses will be tousled and glowing at the drop of a hat.

1- Do The Twist

The great waveFor beachy waves rather than voluminous curls, this is a quick but formidable method. For a messy, bed-head vibe, let hair fall naturally then take a small section of it. Split the section into two then wrap the two strands around each other to form a twist. Hold tight, then clamp the straighteners up and down the twist for around 30 seconds, ensuring you heat the full length. Unwrap the twist by shaking loosely to reveal cool, beachy waves then spray to hold. For extra texture, spritz in a salt spray then scrunch the curls with your hair to set. Quick, simple, yet effective.

2- Curl It  

The great waveFor glamorous, retro curls, this more traditional method is a winner. Make sure your freshly-washed hair is brushed thoroughly as this will ensure the curls are smooth and slick. Separate your hair into an upper and lower section for ease then secure the upper section with a hair clip to avoid kinks. Take a 2.5cm-4cm section of hair (depending on how thick it is) and twist slightly then wrap the twisted strand around the curling iron. Hold for 10-15 sections and release from the curling iron, allowing the curl to hang loose before spraying thoroughly. When done, lightly shake through the curls with your hands instead of running your fingers through them, as this will deconstruct the curls. Spray to hold and spritz on a shine spray for extra sheen.

3- Velcro Rollers

The great waveMake sure your hair is dry and freshly washed as this will keep it light and easy to manage. If you want to curl all of your locks, separate your hair into three horizontal sections using a comb. Take individual 5cm sections of hair (small enough to comfortably fit around the roller) and pull straight, holding the roller at the ends of your hair. Gently roll up and under your hair towards the scalp, ensuring no hair falls loose at the sides of the roller. Secure the roller by fastening a grip to your hair and the lower part of the roller. Once you have secured all of your hair, spray with hairspray and warm, using the lowest setting on your hair dryer, to set the curls. Leave for as long as possible before shaking out and spraying to reveal beautiful, loose curls. For volume, use rollers on just the top of your hair to lift the roots.

4- Straighten To Curl

The great waveThis method is perfect for creating soft, loose waves rather than definite curls. Ensure hair is brushed thoroughly then split your hair into two sides, pulling each side forward over the shoulder. Starting from the front, select a 2.5cm-5cm section of hair and clamp the straighteners at the top, being careful to avoid creating kinks from their edges. Hold the straighteners vertically and pull them along the length of the hair while twisting them away from your face to create open curls. Release to reveal a soft, beautiful wave then spray to hold.

5- Wrap It

The great waveFor a quick fix that you can get while lazing around the house, separate your hair into rough sections. The more sections you have, the more waves you will create. Take each section and twist the hair until it wraps around to form a tight bun. Tie the twist with a hair band and spray to hold. Leave for a few hours and untie to reveal beachy waves that took seconds to create. For looser, longer waves, wrap your whole hair into one twist to add some volume.

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