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17 Mar 2016
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With technology no longer confined to our homes and offices. Matthew Herbst road tests some fun gadgets that aim to enhance our driving experience




If remembering where you parked your car at the mall is a constant struggle, then the Automatic Parked Car Finder could offer the solution to your problem. It automatically marks the location of your car on an iPhone app, meaning you don’t have to spend time searching while you’re laden down with shopping. It plugs into the car’s power outlet and updates the app via Bluetooth the moment the car’s engine is turned off. Each location on the map is date and time stamped to avoid confusion. Available at hammacher.com from RO15.36.

Power Cup


Powering up all your gadgets when on the road can become an issue, but with the PowerLine PowerCup plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter you can charge everything you need. With two power sockets and a USB port, the PowerCup provides sufficient energy to charge laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD players, portable gaming devices, and more. Available at amazon.com from RO10.74.

On the Road


If you work remotely and are constantly on the move, but still want your caffeine fix then you should consider investing in the Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker. This little device will bring a little oomph to your day and help keep you focused while driving. Available at amazon.com from RO62.30.

Sound Waves


The Audiovox XM Snap XSN1V1 XM Satellite Radio Receiver is the simplest XM Radio receiver to date. Now you can enjoy a variety of radio services without being limited to what’s on air on your local station and without the need to install a state-of-the-art sound system. Just plug the XM Snap into the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle, place the antenna on the car, and tune for stations. It is that simple. Available at amazon.com from RO22.90.

Cook up a Storm


Family road trips are fun, but when the kids get hungry things can get a little tricky. Now you can heat meals while on the go thanks to the RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, much to your family’s delight. This handy portable cooking device warms food up to 150°C and is easy to cart around. Available at amazon.com from RO12.94.

Editor’s Pick: Mirror, Mirror


If your car isn’t fitted with a reversing camera, the Peak PKC0RG Small Rearview Mirror with 3.5-Inch Backup Camera could be for you. It consists of an attachable rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor, weatherproof camera housing, a swivel camera with a wide-view angle and a wireless transmitter. Missing that lamp post has never been so easy. Available at amazon.com from RO38.21.

New: Navdy Car HUD


Navdy is a nifty car gadget that can reduce mobile phone usage while driving, which will hopefully result in fewer accidents on the roads. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and projects key information onto the windshield via a handy head-up display, meaning you can interact with the world around you while keeping your hands on the wheel. Available at navdy.com from RO114.99.

App of the Week: Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant by Automatic


Automatic is a powerful little tool with its own dedicated app to empower drivers with knowledge about themselves and their car so that they can be safer and drive smarter. Automatic helps you change your driving behaviour to save on petrol, it remembers where you parked, keeps tabs on your engine lights and best of all, automatically calls for help in a crash while notifying your loved ones. Available at automatic.com from RO38.44.

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