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03 Mar 2016
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As we move deeper into the school year, Felicity Glover looks at some essential gadgets to help busy students to stay organised and on top of their lessons


Smart Move


Constantly checking our smartphones usually means a lot of wasted time, something the smart student knows all too well. The Quirky Nimbus smart dashboard aims to put an end to that and get our focus back on what really counts – school work! The customisable four-dial dashboard is a clever design, allowing you to personalise each “gauge” by connecting to your smartphone. A quick glance at the dashboard will tell you if you’ve got new emails, what’s coming up on your calendar or even if somebody’s posted on your Facebook timeline. Available at amazon.com from RO26.6.

Take Note


The Evernote app has been a lifesaver for many for a few years now, but for the more traditional student who likes to write everything down, the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin could be the answer to surviving the 21st-century school year. The notebook uses Evernote’s Page Camera feature, allowing you to snap pages of your notebook with a smartphone or tablet to transform it into a digital document. Tagging it with the “smart sticker” also means your document is easy to find and will help to keep your ideas and notes organised, giving you a perfect combination of old and new. Available at amazon.com from RO8.1.

Quick Switch


Ok, so you’ve got a tablet, a desktop computer and a smartphone and you need a keyboard for all three. The Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth Keyboard could be the answer, seamlessly switching from device to device and enabling you to type quicker and get your homework done in no time at all. Best of all, it leaves more room on your desk. Available at amazon.com from RO12.1.

Charge it


Students have enough to lug about in their backpacks, so carrying chargers and cables could be, literally, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The Native Union Key Cable is a nifty little accessory that you can attach to a key ring and use on the go. It features concealed connectors and gives you access to any USB power outlet to keep you ahead of the game when your device is about to run out of battery power. From amazon.com from RO11.5.

Write Move


Taking notes and moving them onto your smartphone and tablet used to be a laborious task. These days, however, you can simply use the Livescribe 3 smartpen, which is designed to write like a ballpoint pen, and send notes to your devices via its Bluetooth functionality. Even better: the pen saves your notes in its memory, so you don’t have to use an app to capture them. Available at amazon.com from RO49.99.

New: Space Bar


Let’s face it, a cluttered desk is not the most conducive environment for some serious studying. And too many gadgets don’t help either. The Space Bar, however, could be the answer to your problems as it minimises the clutter and frees up some much-needed space. Featuring four USB 3.0 ports for high-speed syncing and two USB charging ports, this sleek space saver comes in black, white or brushed aluminium for that chic Apple effect. Available at amazon.com from RO13.4.

Editor’s Pick: Moving Pictures


Why do things the old-fashioned way when you have a smartphone and can create your own video projects? That’s where The SelfieStand comes in. Packaged as a bundle, The Selfie Stand not only comes with the usual selfie stick, but it also converts into a mini tripod stand and comes with a universal smartphone mount, GoPro adapter and a wireless Bluetooth remote shutter – perfect for those important video projects or would-be junior vloggers. Available at amazon.com from RO15.4.

App of the Week: Study Hack


There’s a lot of apps that are geared towards students. But we have to say that the Flashcards+ app is one of our favourites. This app is based on the old-fashioned flashcard study tool – but it’s been given a modern day twist. Students can create a range of flashcards on their devices to help them study for that all-important test, as well as add photos for visual help. Use it at home, or even waiting for the school bus, and you’ll be acing your tests in no time. Available on iTunes and Google Play for free. 

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