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10 Mar 2016
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Proving that old is gold, some technology developers are taking inspiration from the past, producing gadgets with a distinct retro feel. Felicity Glover and Matt Blackwell bring you their favourites


Call Me Back


If you remember the days when phones came with cords and you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, then the Native Union Pop Phone Retro Handset could be the gadget for you. With a 3.5mn jack, it will plug into any smartphone, laptop or tablet and with noise-reducing technology, you can be assured of crisp sound. Perhaps the best thing about this retro gadget is that it reduces up to 99 per cent of the radiation absorbed through direct use of your mobile phone. Check out the range of funky colours at, where prices start at RO3.85.

Good Memory


Don’t get your hopes up; no, it’s not a copy of the beloved video game from 1987, but it’s almost as cool. What you’re looking at is actually a Retro External Hard Drive housed in an original Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridge. There’s a range of games to choose from, with 500GB, 750GB and a mighty 1TB of storage capacity available. Prices start at RO34.64 and you can check out the options at

Point it Out


Unless you’re into hardcore PC gaming, the chances are all you require from your mouse are the regular left and right buttons and a scroll wheel. If this is the case, then you’re free to have some fun with the tool you use to navigate your desktop. Enter the Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse. Connected via USB, it is a fully functional mouse with added retro flare, compatible with both PC and Mac. Just plug it in and you’re ready to play. Perfect for the vintage lover or geek in your life. Available at for RO8.66.

Retro Radio


Go back in time, or at least to your grandparent’s house, and discover the classic beauty and sound of the Wolverine Retro Style Bluetooth speaker with AM/FM radio. The handmade wooden cabinet harks back to when the radio was the centerpiece of many a living room around the world. The only difference is that the Wolverine boasts that all-important Bluetooth wireless streaming, as well as AUX audio functionality. Available at from RO34.6.

Game on


Old-school gamers will be happy to hear that their favourite arcade game maker, Atari, has launched the Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console. From Space Invaders to Millipede, Pong, Frog Pond and Asteroids, 100 Atari classics have come back to life, but this time in the comfort of your living room. And the modern-day twist? The controllers are wireless – all you have to do is plug the console into the back of your TV. This is an updated version of Atari Flashback 5 and the only difference between the two is an extra eight games. Available at from RO13.4 (also available at the new Virgin Megastore in City Centre Muscat). Happy gaming!

Editor’s Pick: Shoot to Thrill


It may look like a stun gun from Star Trek, but this handheld gadget is actually the Digital Bolex D16 C Mount Cinema Camera. The design is retro, but the technology inside the Bolex D16 is cutting edge, offering a Super 16 sensor, a built-in LCD screen and 1TB of internal storage. It can shoot at 23.98, true 24 and 25 fps, producing broadcast and cinema-quality footage. With a price tag of RO1,540, however, you have to be serious about your filmmaking to justify the investment. Find out more at 

New: Qwerkywriter


As the saying goes, what’s old is new. And with that in mind, Qwerkytoys has come up with a novel way to type on the likes of your Android tablets and Apple devices, including the iPad, a variety of Mac laptops and iPhones. The Qwerkywriter is perfect for those feeling nostalgic for the days of yore, when the clickety-clack of a typewriter was the norm in offices and many homes. The Qwerkywriter, however, is built for the 21st century, connecting to your devices via Bluetooth, while the return bar functions as the enter key. The keys are reminiscent of a typewriter, but best of all it’s programmable and able to “remember” up to five characters. Available at from RO134.3.

App of the Week: Vintage Look


Lovers of vintage photography who lack the right camera equipment may want to take a look at the Vintage Scene app. Forget about Polaroids; this app allows you to create “antique” looking photos that will get you noticed quickly on the likes of Instagram. From creating aged and “faded” photos to turning a new picture into a old-fashioned sepia tone, there’s a range of special effects to give your album that hip retro look, albeit in 2016. Available on the  App Store and Google Play for 770 baisa.

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