Road Safety Pledge

03 Mar 2016
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Are you ready to take the pledge? Y Magazine is launching a very special competition next week to help all children across the Sultanate understand the importance of road safety.

Sponsored by the Oman Automobile Association, our Road Safety Pledge is designed to coincide with the GCC’s Road Safety Week, which is being held from March 10 to 17.

With road fatalities in the GCC considered some of the highest in the world, this is an important initiative that we hope will help to help save more lives on the Sultanate’s roads.

In our March 10 issue, you will find a card inserted in Y, which will enable children to make their pledges about road safety. These could include promising to wear a seatbelt at all times, not jumping around the car unrestrained or even asking mum or dad to put down their mobile phones and stop speeding. There’s lots of ways you can make a difference.

And when you are done filling out the card, all you have to do is to get your mum or dad to sign it so we know you will be making a huge effort to help you and your family to stay safe while driving.

The best three pledges – don’t forget, you can also add your own drawings or other designs to the card – will share in a total cash prize of RO225.

Keep an eye out for the card in next week’s issue – and in the meantime, stay safe on those roads.

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