Bite Sized: Dairy Drama

03 Mar 2016
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Our weekly slot takes a lighthearted look at a news issue of the week this time it’s dairy drama

Q: Is this about cows?
A: Not quite, it’s about milk.

Q: Ok, so what’s the story?
A: So a rather amusing tale has emerged from Australia, where a mother of six bought a litre of lite milk from Coles, a supermarket chain. However, her kids don’t like lite milk, so she decided to return it and get the right one.

Nothing funny about that!
A: Wait… instead of doing the logical thing and returning the milk to Coles. the unnamed mum headed to rival Woolworths, also known in typical Aussie vernacular as Woolies.

Q: She what?
A: Yep. Anyway, unsurprisingly, Woolies refused to exchange what must now be a very warm litre of milk, advising her to head back to Coles.

Q: And?
A: Well, like many outraged consumers these days, this mum took to social media and launched an illogical tirade aimed at Woolies.

Ha, ha. That’s crazy.
A: It wasn’t so much what she wrote, it was the logic behind the post, which went vial and attracted thousands of hilarious replies.

Q: Such as?
A: Here’s one gem: “Funny enough this happened to me… I recently bought a Toyota and when I brought it home, my daughter didn’t like it, so I went to a Mercedes dealer and they wouldn’t exchange it!!! How rude; I’m never shopping there again.”

Don’t say: “I demand.”
Do say: “My mistake.”

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