Abandoned Boys Find a Home

10 Mar 2016
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The story of the two brothers abandoned at the entrance of Qurum Natural Park at the beginning of August 2014 has been given a happy ending, as an Omani family has finally adopted them.

Wearing identical outfits, the boys were found wandering around the park during the Eid holidays more than 18 months ago with no clues as to their identities. They were aged two years old and one at the time.

A nationwide appeal and a huge social media campaign ensued, thrusting the siblings into the stoplight, and while this generated a great deal of public interest in the duo, the parents never came forward to claim their children.

Being cared for at the Childhood Care Centre operated by the Ministry of Social Development, the pair lived with a foster mother in a special compound and started kindergarten in February 2015.

Speaking to the media last year, Abdullah al Zadjali a manager at the Childhood Care Centre, said that he had received numerous calls from families wishing to adopt the children, but had to hold back due to an ongoing Royal Oman Police investigation attempting to trace the parents.

The Childhood Care Centre in Al Khoudh is home to 124 children, most of whom are Omani, but there are also other nationalities. According to the Ministry of Social Development, 190 children managed to find a home last year.

In order to adopt a child, an Omani family must send a letter to the Ministry of Social Development, which in turn will assess their financial situation, family status, and medical history before approving the application.

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