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11 Feb 2016
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In the first of our two-part series, stylist to the stars Asgar Saboo has come up with a fun guide for the perfect hairstyle based on your star sign

Whether you want to mix things up or are feeling brave enough to change your hair altogether, Asgar Saboo shares tips on what looks you should be going for based on your favourite Bollywood celebrities.


Long hair is a must for any Aquarius. You radiate health and beauty and like to choose a natural cut and stick with it. Whilst being adaptable and versatile when the time comes, your strong sense of independence allows you to choose the hairstyle that you want and believe it looks fabulous, with everyone else agreeing with you. Aquarian Shruti Haasan is well-known for her beautiful looks with flowing, healthy and nourished hair and her style will never go out of fashion.


Pisces love to embrace the natural texture of their hair and let their personality shine through. You don’t like to spend tons of time perfecting your hair in the morning but, instead embrace the effortless, bed-head look. With hair that is naturally thick and versatile, you can style it up or let it loose and it will always make a striking statement. Pisces Kangna Ranaut pulls off her natural curls (and just about any other style she can think of).


Full of strength, discipline and self-confidence, Aries’ like an uncomplicated yet modern hairstyle that can steal centre stage. Your courageous attitude means you’re willing to change up your style and you know a chic new do can be both practical and beautiful. Lara Dutta is a leader in the game, opting for both contemporary cuts and styles that show maturity, elegance and class.


Being stubborn at times, Taurus’ are often reluctant to change and prefer to stick with something classic and stylish. Elegant yet simple, a traditional clean cut is all a Taurus needs to shine. The bed-head look is perfect for a night out but in the end, you know what styles make you look and feel beautiful. A woman whose hairstyles are as iconic as her is Madhuri Dixit, who has found an impressive signature style.


Gemini’s look for something uncomplicated yet trendy. With a perfect mix of relaxed yet fun, you also like to experiment with styles and colours and are not afraid to brave the bold. On lazy days you are more than happy to rock the messy bun, but you know how to glam it up when the time comes. Gemini Shilpa Shetty’s hair is sophisticated yet stylish and is full of health and vitality. Choosing a simple up do or leaving it glossy, sleek and straight, she certainly knows how to turn heads when she wants to.


Creative and comfortable, a Cancerian loves the laid-back style and prefers long hair to shape her face and provide security. Soft feminine waves or sultry, sleek and straight hair is the perfect look for you. Intelligent, observant and courageous, you know what style works for you and know that fancy doesn’t always mean fabulous. Katrina Kaif embraces the cute and care-free look with style and confidence.

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