Star Sign Hair: Part Two

18 Feb 2016
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In the final of our two-part series, stylist to the stars Asgar Saboo concludes his guide to hairstyles based on our astrology signs

Are you brave enough for a complete hair change based on your star sign? Or is your hair already fitting the bill? Read on to discover Asgar’s tips on styling by the stars.


Your ambition and pride means you often like to take centre stage. Bold and beautiful is your motto and you don’t need to follow the fashion trends to know what looks good. Kajol with her simple up-do hairstyle always looks elegant and beautiful.


As a Virgo, you like to experiment with your haircut and style. Being modern yet oozing character, you’re not afraid to let your haircut show your attitude. Kareena Kapoor looks every bit the stylish icon with her long, luscious locks.


You have a sense for all things beautiful and know that minimum fuss can make maximum impact. You are an expert at matching your hair with your outfit choices but often your favourite hair accessory is none at all. A simple, shoulder-length cut with an added fringe shows beauty and elegance, whilst creating an inverted bob will bring a contemporary take on the well-known style. Queen of natural beauty Parineeti Chopra prefers her fuss-free long locks for a natural, understated look.


Scorpios often go for a clean cut, pure hairstyle and with their strong personality, they are not afraid to brave the chop. Bursting with feminine attitude, Scorpios should opt for rich, luxurious colours that ooze elegance. Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan’s hair is always glossy and revitalised due to her autumnal red tones.


Always the optimist and bursting with confidence, you love the freedom that different hairstyles can bring. Your hair always brings a sense of class and you love changing your style depending on your mood. Dia Mirza always looks preened to perfection but isn’t afraid to let her hair down with a beautifully blow-dried fringe.


With your tenacious attitude you often choose your favourite style and stick with it. A good length with a centre parting is your go-to style and a ponytail is perfect for those lazy days. Experiment with your hair and your vivacious personality will shine through! Capricorn Deepika Padukone has found a style that works by sticking with her iconic bouncy waves and messy ponytail.

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