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11 Feb 2016
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Wild Horses

Filled to the brim with gruff talking, Stetson-wearing Texans, Wild Horses sees Texas Ranger Samantha Payne (Luciana Duvall, who is married to the film’s director) reopen a 15-year-old cold case when she suspects that a missing boy was actually murdered, with a local rancher playing a part.

Eighty-five-year-old actor-director Robert Duvall plays the rancher in question, Scott Briggs, who is in the middle of a heavy-handed reconciliation with the estranged son he ran off his property at gunpoint a decade and a half before.

The two plot strands run alongside each other as the tone and editing both jump all over the place, the end result being a clumsily put-together film that actually feels like collected scenes from a much longer movie, or perhaps even a daytime soap opera. It’s an ambitious piece, which ultimately proves the film’s downfall, as everything from the plot to script and cast is stretched too thin.

This is the first time Duvall has been in the director’s chair since 2002, but for all intents and purposes, Wild Horses is a case that probably would’ve been better left closed.

Verdict: 2/5




When a trio of criminals invade the home of Anna (Beth Riesgraf), you think you know how events are going to unfold. After a brutal struggle, the vulnerable female will eventually find the strength to confront and overcome her aggressors, right? Wrong. Intruders flips the home invasion formula on its head as the would-be thieves become the victims of an agoraphobic woman with more than a few twisted psychological issues. The fast-paced action from first-time director Adam Schindler will have you holding your breath until the final scene.

Verdict: 3/5


Capture the Flag


When a power-mad oil tycoon threatens to fly to the moon to plunder its mineral resources and prove the 1969 landing a hoax, the US Government jump-starts a mission to put astronauts back on the moon to stop him. Scott Goldwing (voiced by Toni Mora) is the man lined up for the job, but through a twist of fate his retired astronaut father (voiced by Camilo García) and kite-surfing son (voiced by Carme Calvell) are the ones who end up blasting off. The film is peppered with inside jokes and historical references that give this film enough multi-generational appeal for parents to enjoy as well as kids.

Verdict: 3/5


Preview: The Benefactor


After causing the accident that killed his two best friends, orphaning their young daughter in the process, Francis “Franny” Watts (Richard Gere) attempts to overcome his guilt by constantly interfering in the life of the now adult Olivia (Dakota Fanning), who has recently married Luke (Theo James). As the darker traits of Franny’s personality are revealed, it becomes clear that his help comes at a price.

Bollywatch: Fitoor


With a title that translates roughly as “passion” or “obessesion”, you can expect a suitably romantic drama when Fitoor hits cinemas later this month. The complicated love story between Noor (Aditya Roy Kapur) and his muse (Katrina Kaif) may seem familiar to viewers, as it’s actually an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, with Tabu taking on the Miss Havisham role.

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