Driven to Success: Muhannad al Asfour

18 Feb 2016
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With a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master’s in information system management from the UK, Muhannad al Asfour started at Omantel 10 years ago. He established Injaz Development, a HR company specialising in training, consultancy and event management, in 2007 and talks about his career while taking the new Centennial for a spin

Q: What drives you to success?

Passion about what I’m doing. When you love something, it is a great motivation. I moved from different industries and passion was always behind this movement. When I reach a point where I think I am repeating myself in a position, that’s when I know it’s time to move. This could be within the company or to another company. Right now, HR is my passion.

Q: Who or what has been your inspiration in your career?

It’s not who, but more a case of what. Learning is what inspires me. When I feel I’m at a place where I am learning, it keeps me motivated and looking forward. Some people see new projects as challenging and decide not to go for them, but I look at these situations as a learning opportunity.

Q: What is your biggest career success to date?

My biggest achievement is people and this is what my success is all about. I’m a strong believer in teamwork and wherever I go, I consider myself successful when I build a strong team around me. Having been able to do this several times is probably my biggest success.

Q: What are your career goals?

First of all, I want to make sure I am learning all the time. To keep an advantage over competitors, you need to speak the global language. The best way is by having alliances and affiliations with international bodies, as this will always keep us on top of our game. I’m always looking for new things and new ideas. I would also like to take Injaz to the next level and lead in the market, not only in Oman, but also in the GCC. We are doing well in this regard, but I can’t say it’s achieved already.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

In an advisory position where I can help Omani talent and local organisations. I will be focusing my efforts in the near future on change management. It’s a new field in management, but here in Oman and the GCC it’s not yet taken its position.

Q: What do you think of the Genesis, the premium series of Hyundai Motor Company?

Driving the Centennial was a really nice experience. It looks good, feels luxurious from the inside and can chauffeur you in style and comfort. All in all, it’s a car that pampers the occupant and offers a great ride in comfort and luxury. Thumbs up to the Centennial and the driving experience.


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