Driven to Success: Fahad al Hinai

04 Feb 2016
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After spending seven years at the helm of Muscat’s popular rock band Question Mark, Fahad al Hinai began focusing on his own projects, including co-founding the Professional Gaming centre in Al Khoudh and the nurture of talent in Oman. At 28, he talks to Y about his career to date and plans for the future while test-driving the new Genesis

Q:  What drives you to success?

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be one of the best gamers and I wanted to see my country reach a high level in gaming, to the point where we could enter international tournaments. We have the gamers, but there is no motivation or support for them. I’m trying to gather resources and support from different companies to raise standards of gaming and achieve that dream. Most of the time when you go to a gaming centre in Muscat they are hidden and you don’t get good quality. We decided to come up with some new ideas and give Professional Gaming a different look.

Q:  What or who has been your inspiration in your career?

Whenever life let me down and I always used to fail, I kept trying to succeed and push myself. I owe this to my two inspirations – my mother and father. They always taught me how to fight in life and never give up on what I want. They encouraged me to do what I wanted to do.

Q:  What is your biggest career success to date?

My band, Question Mark, was one of the top rock bands in Oman and we received a lot of support from different places. There was a battle of the bands and we took second place, but it was a really good competition and experience overall.

Q:  What are your career goals?

I have two. One of them is to be one of the best pianists and develop my playing skills, while the second is to develop the gaming industry here in Oman. In Europe, gaming competitions are held in big arenas and I would like to reach that level here one day.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I’m trying to develop the new generation of gamers and create a good atmosphere where people can gather. I want Professional Gaming to be a place of all-round entertainment.

Q:  What do you think of the Genesis, the premium series of Hyundai Motor Company?

The Genesis looks good and feels great. The design speaks of sophistication and refinement, which is evident from the poise of this car. From inside, the Genesis pampers you with comfort and features. It is an agile vehicle with ample power reserves and smooth acceleration. At the same time, the well-balanced seating and suspension can make long drives a real pleasure. I loved this car and would consider buying one in the future.

Fahad al Hinai

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