Bite Sized: Swan Song

04 Feb 2016
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Our weekly Bite Sized slot takes a lighthearted look at a news issue of the week, this week it’s Swan Song

Q: What’s this about then?
A: We get the feeling that a certain opera fan in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, won’t be singing along to his favourite arias any more.

Q: Why’s that?
A: Well, it seems that the man in question was enjoying a spot of opera at home when the police kicked his door in and wanted to arrest him.

Q: They what?
A: According to the Amsterdam police department’s Facebook page, a neighbour of the man thought his singing sounded like screams of agony and reported it as a domestic violence incident.

That’s embarrassing!
A: Very! In his defence, the man was listening to the music via his headphones, so probably had no idea just how bad he sounded. Then again, if we were his neighbour, we’d try knocking on the door first.

Q: What happened next?
A: According to the police, everybody laughed about the incident later, while the opera lover was not “subject to any legal proceedings”, which must have been a huge relief for him. We just can’t imagine anybody getting arrested for seriously bad singing!

Don’t say: “Sing, sing out loud.”
Do say: “Try lip-syncing.”

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