Y-Fi: Birthday on a Budget

28 Jan 2016
POSTED BY Y Magazine
 As Y Magazine turns eight years old, there is a celebratory feel in the air. Matt Blackwell brings you the best budget birthday gifts for the techie in your life


Stay Cool


Keeping cool can be a challenge in the Sultanate, but now you can do it in style and have the added bonus of never being late for a meeting again with this USB LED Clock Fan. You can bend and twist it any way you want thanks to its flexible metal neck and the blades are made from soft PVC, so you needn’t worry about injuring yourself or others. Available at amazon.com from RO5.39.



Is one of your friends or loved ones a DIY fiend? If so, the chances are they’ll appreciate this 6-in-1 Multi Tool Pen as a gift. Billed as the ultimate gadget pen, it features four different types of ruler, a touchscreen stylus, spirit level and screwdriver, as well as its everyday role as a ballpoint pen. Okay, so it’s a grenade launcher short of being James Bond-worthy, but still, it’s pretty nifty don’t you think? Available at thepresentfinder.co.uk from RO5.42.

Head into the Future


Virtual reality is tipped to be big this year and you could be ahead of the trend with this Immerse Virtual Reality Headset. Just download various virtual reality apps or 3D movies and videos and you’ll soon be fully absorbed in the audio visual experience. You can test drive a car or lose yourself in a game without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The adjustable holder fits most smartphones (not the iPhone 6 Plus, though) and the headset is lightweight, wireless and completely portable. Available at thepresentfinder.co.uk from RO16.27.

Caught on Camera


This is no mere stylish time keeping device. What you’re actually looking at is a fully functional Spy Camera Watch. Perfect for any budding secret agents, this watch allows you to go deep undercover, taking photos as well as recording video and audio. It comes with 4GB of internal memory and all your evidence can be downloaded to a PC or Mac. Available at findmeagift.co.uk from RO38.



Now you needn’t keep your singing to the shower thanks to the iRig Voice. This microphone will plug straight into your smartphone or tablet and give you the kind of control usually reserved for producers in studios. Tinker with everything from pitch to EQ as you perfect your voice and move one step closer to that dream record deal. Available at findmeagift.co.uk from RO13.58.

Stay afloat


Technology is great, but it can often run into trouble when you add water to the mix. However, those fears can be a thing of the past with a funky Floating Bluetooth Speaker. Designed to provide four hours of playback and compatible with all Bluetooth devices, not only is this speaker ideal for a bit of a bath time jam, it’s the perfect companion for day trips to any of Oman’s wadis and beaches. Available at findmeagift.co.uk from RO10.86.

NEW: Photo to iPad Scanning Dock


Remember what life was like before digital photography, when we actually had physical copies of our favourite photographs? In case you have any cherished pictures lying around the house, the Photo to iPad Scanning Dock is the perfect way to preserve them forever, converting treasured photos to crisp jpeg files in as little as 12 seconds, all while charging your iPad. The scanning dock has a lightning connector, meaning it is also compatible with the iPhone 5 onwards. Available at hammacher.com from RO46.2.

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