21 Jan 2016
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The 5th Wave

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the cinema without encountering an adaptation of a young-adult dystopian sci-fi novel, Chloë Grace Moretz bursts onto the screen as a 16-year-old girl turned guerrilla fighter in the big screen version of Rick Yancey’s novel, The 5th Wave.

Shortly after an alien craft appeared in orbit over the Earth, its occupants – known only as the Others – release a series of deadly waves, from pestilence to flooding, that wipe out the majority of the population.

With humanity knocked back to the Stone Age, those that survive are forced to band together in the hope of surviving the 5th wave, aimed at eliminating the final few that remain.

With all this going on, Cassie Sullivan (Moretz) embarks on a mission of her own to rescue her brother with the help of the strong but mysterious Evan (Alex Roe).

The characters are largely the stock variety, but despite still only being 18, Moretz is believable in her portrayal of Sullivan, making the transition from schoolgirl to strong fighter while retaining certain vulnerability.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, you’ll notice more than a passing similarity to everything from Alien and Independence Day to Starship Troopers. Forget the aliens, it’s a lack of originality that ultimately defeats this film.

Verdict: 2/5

Norm of the North


When a corrupt corporation plans to settle and populate the Arctic, displacing its natural animal inhabitants, it falls to Norm (voiced by Rob Schneider), a loveable misfit of a polar bear, to travel to the concrete jungle of New York and save his homeland in a righteous crusade. The film wears its environmentalism and political leanings proudly on its sleeve, perhaps in an attempt for adult audiences to take the film at least semi-seriously, but a twerking polar bear able to converse with humans is probably a step too far for parents. Norm may be from the north, but the only direction this furry fellow is heading is south.

Verdict: 2/5

Ride Along 2


For those of you who didn’t know that there was a first Ride Along, apparently that happened around this time last year. The sequel picks up pretty much where its predecessor left off, with fast talking, slow thinking rookie police officer, Ben Barber (Kevin Hart), once again teaming up with James Payton (Ice Cube), this time on the eve of his wedding to his partner’s sister. The pair make their way to Miami to bring down a drug lord with plenty of slapstick shenanigans along the way that will have you chuckling throughout. No matter what’s thrown your way though, you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve been on this ride before.

Verdict: 3/5

Bollywatch: Airlift


Based on real life events, Airlift tells the story of Ranjit Katyal (played by Akshay Kumar), the influential businessman who became the sole hope of 170,000 Indians trapped in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion in 1990. Against all odds, Katyal helped to organise the largest and most successful evacuation ever attempted by any country, with 488 flights in 59 days.

Preview: Exposed


When a police detective is killed in a shocking murder, his partner (Keanu Reeves) begins to investigate. The deeper he delves into the case, the more evidence he digs up of police corruption and soon comes to realise that the key to unravelling the entire mystery may lie with an unlikely woman with a dangerous secret.

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